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Saturday, March 3, 2007

☺ The Govenator Intervenes

(sometime later, down at the station, the inmates are getting a bit noisy… )

Officer Bob: Pipe down back there! We’re trying to watch Geriatric1927 on the YouTube! Louie, can you handle this?

Louie: *sips coffee* Yup.

Louie: (at holding cells) Pipe down, or no midnight slurpees. Got it?

(Daniel, Iris2009, and a dark haired girl in the shadows nod quietly)

*ringgg, rinngggggggg, ringgg, rinngggggg*

Shirley (working dispatch, and the slurpee machine): Secret Mountain Lake Police Station and 7-11, what’s your emergency? … uh huh. No, it’s not Lake Tahoe. Yes, this is really Big Bear Lake, but don’t tell anyone… what? Okay, you better talk to the Chief.

Shirley (stage whisper): Hey Bob, whose turn is it to be Chief tonight? Okay, here ya go…

Bob (distracted by charming story about the bombing of England during WWII): Yeah, what can I do for you, we’re a little busy now… Oh! Sir! Yes sir! Your niece sir? Loves the Danielbeast. Cried all night. Yes Sir! I understand. Yes, yes, no, yes. Yes. Right away! *hangs up*

Bob: Hey Louie, that was the Governor on the horn.

Louie: *sips coffee* Eh? Of Caly-forn-yuh?

Bob: Yes, and I need you to cut Daniel loose. All’s forgiven, free to go. And give him a ride anywhere he wants to go.

Louie: You sure about this?

Bob: Yes. *scratches head* Seems lonelygirl15 is all fiction. The Governor should know - expert in fiction.

Louie: *sips coffee thoughtfully* Hard to believe. So, what about this Iris2009 guy? He’s been spouting off about saving Bree from the Order and stuff. Let him loose too?

Bob: No, that guy’s not canon. Him we hold onto.

Louie: *nods* Yup. Makes sense. And the girl, calls herself Cassie.

Bob: Her? Jury’s out. Just keep her happy with slurpees, and for goodness sake, get the light fixed in her cell before we start getting complaints.

Shirley: Hey guys hurry up, there’s still no new video, but great stuff on the LG15 Today blogspot!

*bad boys, bad boys, watch ya gonna do? *

~ QtheC

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