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Friday, March 2, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans could see that despite all the worry with Jonas going missing, old Danielbeast had still found time for a bit of snowboarding.
Sitting in the dark, wearing a fetching wool hat and displaying signs of goggle sun burn Daniel told fans he was worried that "everything was just too crazy" and "I think Bree just took it too far."

He's very insightful isn't he?

"If he was here I would apologise and try to make everything right." Yes that would work Daniel...hey Jonas I know we tied to a chair for a day or so and interrogated you, but we've made some egg salad sandwiches for you...lets hug!

Daniel then revealed that he did indeed loosen Jonas's binds: "But I made him promise that he wasn't going to do anything" D'oh!

"I don't know if he left because he's scared of us, or if he left and we should be scared of him."

One things for sure, no one's going to get much sleep up there in the mountains....


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