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Thursday, March 8, 2007

☺ Order, I Forgive You (Bree)

Bree (wearing new dress): “Hey, um, Order. Bree Here.” *a bit sheepish* “Welllll, I just want to say … this is hard to admit … some things have happened lately that have made me look at well … everything … a little differently. Let’s just say I understand now how hard it can be when you kidnap someone and are feeling pretty good about everything, and then, you realize everything is going … completely … wrong. How disappointing it can be, and how important forgiveness becomes…”

*musical montage of Bree contemplating broken ropes and zip ties*

Bree: “So, Order, … I forgive you. And if you want to come by and talk, or just hang out front by your SUV … whatever … I’m here for you. I just felt it was important to say that. Here’s our address …”

Daniel *entering from backyard*: “Bree NO! Dammit, Jonas was supposed to keep an eye on you.”

Bree (happy, silly grin) : "Hey Daniel! Look, I made Jonas a commorative friendship bracelet out of these left over zip ties. Maybe now he will forgive me."

Daniel (sighing, shaking his head): "Bree, don't worry. We'll get you some more Epogen soon."

*Daniel reaches for the camera, cut to black*

~ QtheC


  1. OMG...that was funny. ur a great writer:)

  2. comment #249 on "Sorry, Jonas" is pretty good, too.


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