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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans saw Bree eat a big slice of humble pie;

Bree: This just in: Jonas, not in the Order. You knew, right? So anyway, Jonas pretty much hates me right now and he has every right to. I mean, it was my idea to tie him up and it was my idea to leave him in the cabin.

It turns out that after breaking back into his own cabin Jonas was able to find a box of files proving that he was not part of the Order. In fact his parents were part of the anti-Order!

Bree: Kind of like the French resistance or something.

Seems Jonas's dad was quite the revolutionist:

Bree: One of the things he found was this, like, mission statement that his father wrote.
(Shot of Bree holding up mission statement.)
Bree:It's all about free will and the rights of the individual over the powers that be. I knew that the Order was far reaching, but Jonas's dad made some pretty broad accusations. Politicians, head of corporations. If even some of it is true, then, well it's bad!

Bree also cleared up a long nagging question that people new to LG15 regularly bring up. i.e. "Why are they making vlogs if they are on the run and don't want to be found?"
Bree: There's really not much that we can do but keep filming everything that happens to us because, at least, if we do get caught, there will be some kind of record of it.

Fans then saw Bree make attempts to apologise to Jonas, and it was quite painful to watch! During the following dialogue Jonas could also be seen trying to break into his aunt's office ....and failing miserably.

Jonas: I don't want to talk to you right now, Bree.

Bree: I know.

Jonas: So...why don't you go away?

Bree: Who me? I thought you weren't talking to me.

(Jonas holds head in frustration.)

Bree: What are you doing?

Jonas: '(Softly.) Nothing.

Bree: It looks like you're trying to break into your aunt's office.

Jonas: Yeah, and its not working. (Pause) Turn it off. I'm serious, turn it off.

Bree: Okay. I will. But, I just want to tell you I'm, I'm sorry, okay? I am! I just thought that, you know, you were one of them and I said I'm sorry. It's just, forgive me, okay?

Will Bree ever be able to go on a hike with Jonas again? Will Jonas ever be able to beak into his aunt's office? Will the haters now stop asking stupid questions? ("Why are they filming everything?" "You guys know this isn't real right?" "Whats OpAphid?") Stay tuned...

1 comment:

  1. It definately sounds like they are talking about Freemasons.


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