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Friday, March 2, 2007

☺ QtheC tells it like it is!

QtheC (send note) Says: March 2nd, 2007 at 4:21 am
Um, forget the Order guys, this is starting to look like one of those episodes of cops, where you can’t believe the dumb crimes people commit and what the do to get themselves in trouble…

(Introducing, for this skit,Bob: a County Police Officer and Part Time Ski-school Instructor,Louie: his faithful partner, speaks in short sentencesShirley: on radio, working dispatch)
Bob: (to Daniel) You look familiar… Didn’t I see you learning to snowboard yesterday?

Daniel: (handcuffed, leaning against a police car) Um, that wasn’t me. That was a guy that looks like me, but is not playing a role in an online video series, cause that guy is on vacation, and I am not. I’m hiding from the Order.

Bob: Okay, we’ll get to that later. Just let me get this straight for my report… One, Jonas is it? Owns this cabin and let you stay here with him. Does Jonas have a last name? No. Okay…
So, you tied this Jonas up, video taped it, put it on the internet where a couple of the guys saw it down at the station - (big YouTube fans down there ya’know?), and now Jonas has escaped… Am I correct so far?
But you would have taken Jonas’ car, but he seems to have taken his keys with him?
Okay, so THEN, you decide to just hang out and wait for Jonas at his cabin to maybe forgive you and come back, and now he’s probably freezing to death out in the woods somewhere?

Radio: *static* Bob, you there?

Bob: Yep, what is it Shirley?

Shirley (on Radio): Bob, we got a fellah, half froze to death, just picked up by the highway. Says he was held hostage in his cabin… name of Jonas? Wants to press charges.

Bob: Well now, what a coincidence.

Daniel: Can’t we just call this a domestic dispute and leave it at that?

Bob: Right. *shakes head* Get in the car. And don’t tell me Bree is responsible for this. We love Bree down the station, don’t we Louie?

Louie: *sips coffee* Yep, big Bree fans. Purple Monkey rules.

*bad boys, bad boys, watch ya gonna do?…*

~ QtheC

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