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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Call me Jules

He's a monster, I promise!!

i HaVe tHeM nOw

The above video refers to "dmuraski" and his cat. (new link added on the right side under YouTube). Here is a video by this strange animal, plugging Lonelygirl15.com :


  1. I added some links and the dmuraski video to GF's article.

  2. Jules' cat is definitely fat. Wow. I wonder how cats react to Epogen...

  3. BTW the German was a nice try but if she can't even get introducing herself right, then she can't be very far in her studies of the language.

    Hallo, mein Name ist Julia.

    That would be correct. If you read this, Jules, just keep studying! You can do it!

  4. wow this guy has bashed lg15 for so long, and is now giving them a commercial basically. good for him.


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