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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans saw Bree respond to Nikki B's latest video (see below)about a possible "new girl" for the ceremony.

Bree: Well I survived the first day with er.. the rats and cobwebs..and two boys in my bathroom. (wrinkles up nose and gives unimpressed chuckle)And you know what? I've actually figured out that I kind of like this place. (whispers) Dont tell anyone!

OK I have some exciting news. Did you see Nikki Bowers latest video? I know! Its crazy! Alex had said that there's another girl now, and Nikki thinks that shes found this girl, shes been video blogging just like I did. Why is that special? (whispers) I think that she has something to do with the Order! You know, you'd think that maybe..just,just maybe..the Order would crack down on webcams..idiots...

This is the girl (callmejules24 page from youtube appears on the screen)
I'm not sure if its her I mean shes about the right age like 15...

Shes not quite Miss Dorkolopolos like me.. but you know, she'll do, I guess. Its hard for me to see another girl in the same position that I was in you know..after everything that happened.. with my dad and with my mum...
Its like.. I wouldnt wish that upon anybody else. And this went really far, how far are they going to go with her? What does it take? What will it take?

I was so naive, and you think that your doing something for a higher power, being faithful to your religion, and its all a pack of lies. And I see that, I see that in this girl.

I cant just sit back and watch her go through the same thing that I did. I'm not going to let the Order do to her what they tried to do to me. I have to do something about it - now.

As you can see I'm kind of shooting in the dark here and I could really use your help. I dont have a million pairs of ears or eyes and I wonder if..I wonder if you could clone somebody..with a million pairs of ears and eyes and that would be really cool because then... (realises she is gibbering - takes a deep breath) OK stay focused!

What I'm saying is that I need your help figuring out if this is the right girl. I'm going to try and message her, if you have any more information then you can send me a message on the forum or.. you know any info that you wanna give up you can leave it there ..or if you just want to chat about cloning... or pluto... or Daniel's smelly breath I dont know...whatever ..bye!

Welcome to canon Nikki B! Hello Jules! Stay tuned....

1 comment:

  1. I really want to thank you for keeping this blog! I can't check youtube, revver, or lg15 at work, so I depend on you to let me know the late-breaking developments in the breeniverse from 8-4:30. Keep up the good work!


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