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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Loose ends...

Re-organization of several over-crowded sections!
Some information from BACKSTORY has been moved to BREE and JONAS.
Some information from RANDOM has been moved into JONAS, NIKKI BOWER, BREE, and DANIEL.
The section PARENTS has been split into BREE'S PARENTS, JONAS'S PARENTS, and OTHER PARENTS.

We know Bree's dad is dead, but what about her mom? What happened to her?
Where is Bree's mom?

New stuff in:


This is a list of questions and loose ends in the LG15 storyline... some more important than others, many probably irrelavant, and some unmentioned, I'm sure. No particular order, though I tried to group them in some sensible manner.
This is an active list that can be updated as information changes and new developments are made. Please comment or PM me (kallekelly) with any modifications that should be made, and I'll keep it up to date!

Which side is she on - does she really think she's helping the trio, or is she against them?
Who was her husband? Why did they divorce?
What happened on her 26th birthday that made her give up photography?
Why did the Order pick her up at the beach? Where is she and what is she doing now?
Why did she up and move? Where did all her stuff go? How come nobody has seen her? Why does the moving sign outside of her house say "JUST KNOCK!"? Why did she disappear at the same time as Lucy?
What are the 'principles' that Alex offers to recite on the phone in "Lying Bastards"? Who was she talking to?
When Alex told Bree, "They have another girl," did she mean Jules, herself, or someone else?
Why did Alex go back to the Order and what was the "one step" she had remaining?
Who was Alex talking about that she had visited the "Perfect Beach" with?
Is she really in the fashion business, or does she travel around doing some work for the Order with that as a cover?

What is the significance of the girl abducted in 1943 by Crowley (since we know it is an event that never actually happened)?
Who is the family that Gemma says disappeared? If she really thought Bree should do the ceremony, why did she scare her by saying that after the ceremony, that family disappeared? What happened to them? Did they really exist, or did Gemma (or someone telling her what to say) invent them?
What happened between Taylor's parents? Is it significant to the story, or is it just character background?

What is the significance of the scar on Bree's back, that was purposely shown in the "Swimming!" video? Is that the "mark" that Hymn of One refers to?
What happened to Bree while she was with the Hymn of One? What made her all "Hymn-of-One-ish"? Why is her memory mixed up so badly? What is up with Bree's behavior after she was taken back to Jonas's? Why did she make "I hAtE tHeSe PeOpLe?" If she was being all crazy and spazzed out, how did she edit it together? Why did she go into a zombie-trance thing in "Bedside Manner"? Why did she start responding to Jonas? Did she have a plan for escape the whole time, or did it come to her later on?
Why did Bree escape? Did she really want to go back to the HoO, or were there other reasons?
Why does Bree have a seemingly endless wardrobe, and how come rarely wears the same shirt twice?
If Bree and her dad were going to go see Isaac Gilman and Spencer, why didn't Bree say anything to Jonas and Daniel later? Why didn't she tell them about the injections?

What did Bree's dad say that made Bree not want to contact her mother? Is there anything that Bree and her father discussed (other than the obvious information about Bree's mom) that we don't know yet?
Why did she get upset that Bree "projected weakness" by crying?
Do we really know that Bree's dad is dead?
If he knew the Ceremony was bad and that she shouldn't be doing it, why did he let her prepare for it? Why didn't he put a stop to it all sooner? Why did he keep giving her Epogen? Why didn't he tell Bree about his concerns either before things got out of control, or the day he was shot? Why didn't he tell her how to lower her ribozyme levels without his help?
What about the fact that they were not her biological parents? Where are her biological parents? Did they give her up willingly, or was she taken? Are her biological parents in Hymn of One? What about her adoptive parents qualified them to raise Bree, and what did her biological parents lack that disqualified them?
Why is Bree suddenly happy with her mother again?

Why did Bree's dad leave a box under a stump?
What was in the rest of the letter from Bree's dad in the box?
What else was in the notebook with the ribozyme charts?
Was there anything else in the box?

Who captured Bree, Daniel and Jonas?
Who was the interrogator?
Where were they staying?
How did they escape?
Why did a Watcher kill their captor and let them go?
How did they find Jonas's car again?
We know Bree was told to do the Ceremony, and Daniel was told to go home, but what exactly was Jonas asked about? When they asked about his parents' death, why did he say "I don't want to play anymore?" Why does the interrogator say "This is no game?" Does Jonas know more about his parents' death than he realizes (maybe it's in his subconcious somewhere)?

Who is Cassie?
Why does Bree randomly remember her and bring her up?
Why does Daniel not remember her?
Why was everyone so mean to her?
What freaked her out about the religion (since up until recently Bree didn't talk about it much, which we know because Daniel didn't really know anything about it)?
How come Bree says at one point that Cassie stopped talking to her because Bree's religion freaked her out, but says in a later video that they haven't seen each other since Bree took the blame for Cassie making prank phone calls?
Why does Daniel bring her up in "Miss Me?"
Is she actually connected to the Order, or has the Order just used her name because Bree talked about her?

In "Order of Denderah", it is implied that the ceremony takes place in mid-October- is this the only time it takes place?
Why would Bree hint that the ceremony would take place on 10/12/06 when it was only a false ceremony that hadn't been planned yet (we know this because Bree says that it wasn't planned until after the people helping her prepare found out Daniel was filming them)? Also, why did she have to lie to her parents about when the ceremony took place?
What is the ceremony, anyway? Why is it so important that it be done, especially since Hymn of One isn't even a real religion? Or is it a real religion that the Order takes advantage of?
What were the excercises that Bree and Jules talked about? What is the selection process for girls to be chosen for the ceremony? Why Bree and Jules (if, of course, Jules was actually a ceremony girl)? What is different about them than the other girls placed in "controlled enviroments"?
What specific aspect of the ceremony requires use of Epogen?
What special diet was Bree on, and why (we know she said it involves a lot of red meat and avoiding sugar, but what else does it entail, and why)? If Jules isn't a ceremony girl, why was she doing excercises and on a special diet?
What exactly is the "purity bond" and why is it crucial?
What was Bree's dad giving her that could lower her ribozyme levels?

What did Daniel talk about when Jonas hypnotized him? Did he really talk about Thursday night, or something else?
Is there any particular reason why Daniel doesn't like to go swimming?
In "Confrontation", Alex clearly didn't know how Daniel got in the house- how did he get in unnoticed, and what was he doing?

Who are the deacons? Do they think they are really a part of a religion, or do they know that Hymn of One is just a front for the Order?

What is the Wyman foundation?
Who is Isaac Gilman? What kind of work did he do with genetics?
Who is "the Mistress"?
Who is Ted Fuller?
What were the injections Isaac Gilman was giving Bree? Were they to make her 'trait-negative'?
Who is Spencer?
What caused Isaac Gilman's car to crash? Was he killed by the same people who killed Bree's dad? Is there a connection between the deaths of Bree's dad, Gilman and Gemma (who were all killed the same day)?

What was Gemma's real objective?
Was she really working for the Order, or was it more complicated?
Was she really shot by Brother, or was it a ruse?
Is Finn, the musician at the party, the same musician that Gemma went on a few dates with?

Was it just a coincidence that Jonas contacted Bree and offered to help her in her flight from the Order, and then later his parents turned out to be closely connected to the Order/resistance? Or did Jonas know more than he has revealed about his parents' activities?
Was there any significance to what Jonas was mumbling in his sleep when they were chasing Alex ("Missing Days")? Could his parents have maybe given him information that he didn't realize was information at the time?
When searching for Bree, why did Jonas have a mental break down at a lake?
What is up with Jonas's email? Why is it so out of character, and why are there so many mistakes?
How does Jonas finance their adventures without leaving a trail for the Order to follow when he uses ATMs and such? Is that how the Order keeps finding them?

What's going on with the whole plot involving Jonas's parents? Are they really still alive? Where are they, and why have they been gone so long?
What is the "whacked-out, crazy stuff" that Alex's mom accused Jonas's dad of?
Was there more to Alex's mom's death than just an accident? What are these pictures that the Order had, proving that Jonas's dad was involved with her death?

What about Jules? Was she a distraction, bait, or was she really a new Ceremony girl?
Why does her birth certificate say that she is not adopted? Are her parents actually her biological parents, or is it a cover from the Order so that no one knows she is adopted?
Why did she have the symbol for Epogen in her file, and what is "trait negative"? Is she missing one of the traits that Bree mentioned?

What is the significance of the map locations on Lucy's computer? Are they locations of eligible ceremony girls, or of places the ceremony will be held, or what?
Why does Lucy seem to show up all of the time, even in Mexico?
Is there more to her than we know?
Why hasn't she been seen since she showed up in Zavalla? Where is she now? Why is her computer gone from her apartment? Why did she leave behind a map? Wouldn't she have taken it with when she was travelling?

What about Nikki B.? Is she canon now, or was that a one-time-deal?
What is Nikki B. doing undercover with the HoO?

What is the difference (if any) between The Order and the Hymn of One?
In "Mystery Movies", we find out that Bree's dad must be watching her videos, and we know from the video "Me for Daniel" that the Order is watching Bree's videos- but later, in one of Nikki B.'s videos, we find out that the Order doesn't watch her videos- why?
What is the connection between the Order and ancient Egypt? Is there any reason beyond some way to lend credibility to Hymn of One?
Why are there conflicting ideas about capturing Bree within the Order?
What is the significance of all of the "free will" talk in the Order? Is it just something that the Hymn of One uses to get people in, or is it really part of the Order's objectives, or what?
What is the "eternal song"? Is it literally a song, or just a metaphor of some kind?
Why did the HoO ask what it did on the "audition" survey? What were the significances of the various answers?
What is with the mantra "The Hymn of One is fun?"

Why was Alex's mom afraid of planes (in "Apology Accepted" we find out she said that "planes don't fly, they crash.")?
What is Daniel doing about his parents? They can't possibly believe that he's still camping, can they?
What's wrong between Taylor and Sarah's parents? What was in the message that their dad left that made their mom so sad?

At the party in the "Uncle Dan" videos, why do they very obviously point out the musician guy?
Who was the guy arguing with Alex, and why were they arguing?
Why does Toby struggle to say Beth is a reporter and then Beth cuts him off?
Why is Carl and what was with all the "it's fine, it's fine, it's fine" and other weird stuff at the party?
What about the comment about Jonas's "file"?
What did Alex tell Sonia about Jonas? Why would she talk about him if she hasn't seen him in about six years?
Why does Carl flip out when Daniel tries to talk to Sonia and him?
Why was there a picture of Lucy, and who is the other woman? Is the other woman Rebecca? Was she really lying about her connections to the Order and Hymn of One? Why did she invite Daniel in for tea?

What is in "The Order of the Modern Empire" other than the Theta/Pi symbol and list of initials?
Is there still a resistance group alive (besides our trio, of course)?
Besides physical training, did Bree learn anything from Tachyon during her recent stay with her?
What does the stuff on the whiteboard in the bunker mean? What did they change it to say?
What else did they find in the bunker? Was there anything to find?

Why is the tag "hamster" used in quite a few videos that have nothing to do with hamsters?
What happened with "the Cowboy"? Wasn't he supposed to be central to the plot?
What is the significance of longitude and meridians? Bree made a whole video about it (and the story she told was a myth, which she treated as fact, which seems to indicate it is an important topic), Jonas talks about his parents being lost at sea at a particular longitude, Jonas says that Alex's mom used to talk about them a lot, then - so what's the big deal? Are meridians referring to geography or Chinese medicine, or something else entirely?
Does Pluto have any significance in the story, as it has now been mentioned three times in the series?
Did Bree and Jonas sleep together, or did he just try to make it look that way?

Why did Sarah leave home and join the boys?
Why has Sarah fallen for Daniel so quickly? Does she really like him, or is she using him for something?
Is Sarah really as promiscuous as she claims?
Why does she make such a huge deal about "fun" in "Everybody Does It ;)"?

SING WITH ME (and the other HoO videos Bree appeared in)
Why does "Sing With Me" open with a large star in the middle of the screen followed by a smaller shooting star?
Why are Sonia and Carl with Bree?
Why is Bree wearing a bandage again? Is she taking Epogen again?
Why is everyone wearing white? Why is Bree wearing jeans, when the other two are wearing either white or khaki pants (not sure which)?
Why is there a shot of Boston at the end of each video?
How are secret messages ending up in the HoO videos? Who put them there, and why?

What are Watchers, and what side are they on? What is their goal/purpose?
Why do Watchers (and apparently most Order members) dress the same? Wouldn't their job be easier if they weren't as easily recognizable?
Why did Gemma warn Bree about the Watchers, especially if they were working for the Order?
Why weren't there Watchers to protect Jules?

Submissions so far from kallekelly, QtheC, Stevemedigod and Gemma's Flatmate.


  1. Brilliant

    u got all that Mr Creators?

    ..we're making a list..........he he he

    and it aint even Xmas.......oh wait, the Order does not celebrate Xmas.

    ...but then again they are not even a relgiion

    my brain hurts.

  2. Wow, good work... it's going to take time to digest all that information... and may be very helpful just as reminders to the Creators as well.

  3. Modelmotion posted a link awhile back about "meridians" in Chinese medicine (on right side of this blog, page down). That might be what Alex's mom was talking about rather than lines of latitude.

    One unanswered question has to do with money and clothing - how do they get it (without revealing their location by using an ATM or something), and where does Bree get so many new clothes? Probably something we are just supposed to ignore, but it comes up a lot... Does Jules have the same magical power to create clothing? ;)

    Another question is who exactly is/was Tachyon, who was she working for (if anyone), and what is/was her backstory. (This may never be followed up on, but it would be nice to tie up the loose ends of the OpAphid/Tachyon/Brother story, as you have pointed out).

    Is there a particular reason why Daniel will not go swimming?

    Who was Jonas' "nanny" that moved out when he turned 18, and was she connected to the Order?

    Does Jonas still have his gun? Why didn't he have it ready and make use of it when Bree was recently abducted? And why were they "driving around" with Jules loose in the car in the first place?

    When Alex told Bree, "They have another girl," did she mean Jules, herself, or someone else? Why did Alex go back to the Order and what was the "one step" she had remaining? Who was Alex talking about that she had visited the "Perfect Beach" with? Is she really in the fashion business, or does she travel around doing some work for the Order with that as a cover?

    Was it just a coincidence that Jonas contacted Bree and offered to help her in her flight from the Order, and then later his parents turned out to be closely connected to the Order/resistance? Or did Jonas know more than he has revealed about his parents' activities?

    Well, those are just a few off the top of my head... there seem to be endless questions!

  4. So many question...so little time....but Creators should take a good hard look at this post.

    Kelly maybe u should send them a link to the article to make sure they get it!!!!!!

  5. Great work- how about these:

    What specific aspect of the ceremony requires use of Epogen? What special diet was Bree on, and why? What exactly is the "purity bond" and why is it crucial?

    Do we really know that Bree's dad is dead? What about the fact that they were not her biological parents?

  6. Thanks QtheC and stevemedigod!

    I don't know how to contact the creators, Modelmotion!

    Kelly ~/`~

  7. On the lonelygirl15.com website, anyone can send a PM to "The Creators" on the comments page or on the forum.

  8. I removed the scroll frame because for some reason, it was causing IE browser to peg CPU usage at 97%+ usage (hanging at that level) when trying to load the frame. See comments on article "Something on LG15 Today is pegging CPU Usage."

    This may be related to the amount of text in the scroll frame and be some IE bug/limitation or default. I'm not sure.

    Here is the code I removed:

    <center><div style="BORDER-RIGHT: rgb(0,0,0) 1px solid; BORDER-TOP: rgb(0,0,0) 1px solid; OVERFLOW: auto; BORDER-LEFT: rgb(0,0,0) 1px solid; WIDTH: 475px; BORDER-BOTTOM: rgb(0,0,0) 1px solid; HEIGHT: 300px">

    and later:


  9. Okay, thanks for letting me know! If I can find a code that doesn't cause a problem, I'll put it up.

  10. Theory about the focus on the musician at the party -
    Gemma went on three dates with a musician. She found herself very attracted to him because of his musicality. She pretended to like the same bands as he did, simply because she found him so charming. However, at the intermission of a concert that they went to, another girl gave the musician a hug and a kiss on the cheek. When Gemma asked him about it, he got defensive and said that they hadn't been dating for very long and he could do what he wanted. This made Gemma upset. Some fans have speculated the musician to be Finn, who appeared at Alex's fashion party.

    Am I close Creators?

  11. Now that it is clear that Bree was not in Boston (the HoO meeting and her subsequent rescue were in SoCal), we're still scratching our heads about why the HoO vids ended with a picture of Boston. I'm still hoping for the Scoobies to visit New England...

  12. Nearly all of the questions on this list have been put into a post with just questions, no discussion, for the Creators to read. I think it's in the complaints section.

    Half of them have been answered in one form or another on the forum. At least one of them was answered in the videos, but nobody liked the answer so they ignored it.

    I think one more question should be added to that list: Why is it that so many fans refuse to read the discussions that have already been done and instead simply re-ask the same tired questions over and over and over and over...

  13. anonymous:
    If you notice any questions that have answers, please provide them (and a link to where we can read the answer, if possible.).
    Kelly ~/`~

  14. Amazing resource Kelly. I hope the writers pay attention to this article!!!!!

  15. It would be nice to see an acknowledgement from the LG15 writers that they have actually read this. This should be their "bible" because it tells them all the questions the fans want answered.

  16. Aww, thanks MM!
    It would be nice to know if the Creators read it or not, but the fact that the fans read it is enough for me to keep it up :D

  17. We definitely do read this. I check out lg15today everyday. I know there's still a lot that remains unanswered, but I also think we've answered a lot on this list. In the months to come you'll learn even more. It might be helpful if this list could also include answers, and/or if answered questions could be removed from the list. Anyways, just want you to know that we care. We're still working on adjusting the mystery to annoyance ratio, in addition to tweaking the weekly format to accommodate character/plot, etc. You'll see this on lonelygirl15... and of course on KateModern! It will be launching soon!

  18. Glad to hear your reading, Miles! You just made my day :)
    With each update, I post the questions that have been answered in the "removed" section at the top. I try to keep on top of things, but this is a very big list and stuff can go unnoticed at times.
    If anyone notices things on here that have answers already or parts that need changed, PLEASE post it in a comment or PM me (kallekelly) on the comment board! The more help I can get, the better!
    And specifically for you, Miles & Co.- this is the nitpickiest of nitpicky lists... as I say in the beginning of this post, there are probably many irrevalent bits in here, as is inevitable in something this big. If you've noticed anything that needs changed, let me know! This list is not intended as a complaint or anything like that, it's just questions we're all trying to find answers for. It helps us (well, I don't know about everyone else, but it helps me) keep our eyes open for the unexpected.
    I love the LG story and I'm really, really excited about KateModern!!! Thanks for all your hard work!
    Kelly ~/`~

    PS New updates coming soon, everyone! I'm REALLY busy this summer, so I haven't been able to contribute as much as I'd like... but they are coming! Keep your eyes open!


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