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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 Jonas tried to de-slurpee Bree.

(Jonas sits in front of a grate, addressing the camera.)

Jonas: Okay, first let me just start off by saying how (he laughs) how happy and relieved we are to have Bree back. I know she went online last night, and I know she posted a video, and it's obvious that she's still pretty... "Hymn-of-One-ish". But uh, (cut to shot of Bree sitting on her bed, staring out the window) seems like somewhere deep down she's trying to fight it. (Jonas approaches Bree from behind and whispers loudly.) Hey Bree. Bree. (Cut back to Jonas addressing the camera.) Look, I know what you're probably thinking. Why didn't we get a professional exit counselor? Well, we don't wanna drag somebody else into this. No way, forget that, I mean it's too risky. Truth is, we've been here for a few days, and have made very little progress. So, we went online, and we came up with our own program.

oooh medical advise off the internet...always good... *coughs*

Daniel: There is no Hymn of One. Bree, there is no eternal song.
Bree: Yes there is!
Daniel: Bree, listen to me! They're using you!
Bree: No.
Daniel: The Order is using you! There is no Hymn of One.
Bree: No!
Daniel: Bree, look at me!
Bree: Daniel, stop!
Daniel: Yes, I'm Daniel, that's right, remember me, remember. What'd they do to you?
Bree: No. (She begins humming.) Hmmmhmmhmm...
Daniel: Bree, there's no eternal song. Bree, Bree don't-- (Bree plugs her ears and hums louder. Daniel looks down in defeat.) I, I, I got, I can't do anything, I gotta go. (He stands up and leaves.)

Poor Beast. I know he is probably finding it hard - but I do get the impression he is doing what he does best in a crisis....sulk.

Sarah: Hey Bree. Hello, Bree... (She waves a hand in front of Bree's face. Bree does not respond, so Sarah eats a goldfish cracker.) Would you like some goldfish? (She attempts to feed Bree a goldfish. Bree grabs the cracker and slams her hand down on it.) Okay, we don't like goldfish. Right then.
Daniel: (walking through the door) Hey.
Sarah: Hello. (She scratches Bree beneath the chin.)
Daniel: What are you doing?
Sarah: It works with Colossus.
Daniel: Um, she's not a ferret.

LOL Who knows what Bree thinks she is at the moment?

Jonas: It's a good view. Lot of trees. Birds. (He picks up a ceramic bird from the windowsill and makes it "talk" to Bree.) Hello Bree! (She smiles slightly, but continues staring straight ahead.) Look there, you smiled! You smiled, you see that? D'you see that? (in the bird voice) Hello Bree! (He laughs and then makes an odd sound while attempting to tickle her.)
Bree: Stop.
Jonas: What? No... hold on, ready? (He stands up and begins dancing and singing. Bree laughs.) There it is, see? There it is. (He attempts to tickle her again.)
Bree: Stop.
Jonas: Come on, smile. Bree... Breeee come on! (He tries to tickle her one more time and Bree laughs but pushes him away.)
Bree: Stop!
Daniel: (still behind camera) Jonas, how's tickling gonna help deprogram her, man? (Bree continues laughing.)

The tickling did seem to work... maybe Beast was getting a bit jealous.

Jonas: Huh?
Daniel: Nothing. (Bree quickly resumes her former blank stare.)
Jonas: Bree. Bree... (He dances again, but this time Bree remains unmoved. Jonas glares at Daniel.) Good job, dude. (Cut to a shot of Daniel and Sarah flirting outside.) Even though Daniel helped for like the first twenty-four hours, he's pretty much doing nothing at this point other than hanging with Sarah. (The camera pans over a balcony railing to reveal Daniel painting Sarah's toenails red and black.) Beast has dipped low. Okay, well, you know, if things don't work out (switches to an effeminate voice) maybe he can open up his own salon. (Cut back to Jonas in front of the grate.) Anyway, like I said, we've made very little progress, and now the whole thing's fallen into my lap. So look, I could really use some help, so if anybody's into it, I'll be in chat later. (He looks up.) Hey you. (Bree comes in and sits down beside him.)
Bree: Hey you. (She leans on Jonas and he puts his arm around her. Jonas looks at the camera.)

Maybe a good kiss from the right guy might snap Bree out of it...

Stay tuned..

1 comment:

  1. GF, your commentary always cracks me up. "de-slurpee" lol ... that belongs in the Book of Breeniversisms (if there ever is one)... hmmmm t-shirt idea? or blog article project?


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