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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans saw what was in the box (please note I have not been able to check this transcript with LGpedia - please forgive any slight errors!)

Jonas: The Hymn of One. How scary was it to see Bree sing the eternal freak song?
Daniel: She's a zombie.
Jonas: Yeah well they've got her. And we don't know how to get her back. The look in her face. That look in her eye. I don't even know if she wants to come back anymore.
Daniel: Maybe she's the bride of zombie type
Jonas: There's no such thing as the bride of zombie. It's the bride of Frankenstein.
Daniel: You know what I was thinking of though? They wouldn't marry her off would they?

Many is the fan who has thought so Beast!

Jonas: I'll pretend like I didn't hear that. Obviously we're pretty flipped out about Brees state of mind and the fact that she's got bandages on her upper arm.

Well done eagle eyed Rosie!!!!!

Jonas: Yeah - they really got her from us this time. We don't even know who she is. It's like the shell of who Bree used to be. The Bree we know vanished. It's like she's totally brainwashed and there isn't a damn thing that we can do about it. Don't join the Hymn of One kids.

So whats in the box???

Jonas: We're ready to show you guys what's in the mysterious box.
Daniel: So the first thing we found was a letter from Bree's dad to Bree.
Jonas: You wanna read it?
Daniel: Yeah. "Dear Bree I'm so happy that you were able to find this box. Right now you're with Daniel. I'm not sure when I'll be able to see you again, but I want you to know that I have faith that you'll find your way. I've raised you to be the strong and independent person that you are. Follow your heart. Don't let others influence you with promises of inner peace and salvation. We both know that doesn't exsist in the world of science. This box holds many more important secrets of the Hymn of One, you, and what lies ahead in your life." The letter actually says a few more things but I'm not ready to tell you what that is yet. Turns out there's actually a lot of stuff about ribozymes in this box. I didn't really know what they were, so I looked them up and printed out this article. The article basically says that ribozymes are like molecular scissors that cut RNA. It goes on and talks about how scientists seeking the origin of life have produced ribozymes that are actually capable of catalyzing their own synthesis. Translation: they somehow make life. (Cuts to series of pictures that Daniel holds up, one has a red X on the upper arm.) As you can see, these are diagrams. The red X shows where injections were made into her. So this is the notebook. And it's filled with pages that all look like this. (Points to another picture.)
Jonas: Which look like Chinese to me.

Chinese? Meridian?

Daniel: Yep. Jonas and I read through this whole thing. It really is filled with a ton of notes from Bree's dad about his research on what he'd been doing to Bree. Apparently Bree has a very high level of ribozymes, or something like that, which makes her trait positive. Does that make sense? This is why the Order wants her! This notebook also tells us that Bree's dad had been giving her shots of something to help lower her levels, trying to make her trait negative. I mean, if Bree is trait negative, the Order won't want her. We couldn't find anything in here about what the Ceremony is or what it does, but it can't be good if Bree's dad was trying this hard to fix her. This also makes us really scared that they have Bree.
Jonas: Yeah. The graphs?
Daniel: Yeah, the graphs, right. There was also a stack of graphs that are like a reading or a monitor thingy. Bottom line - the graphs show Bree's levels.
Jonas: Which we sent to Taylor.
Daniel: Right we sent them to Taylor. Jonas and I figured that we should get another eye - a new opinion on what the bar code marks are on the graphs.
Jonas: And... oh and Bree's collage?
Daniel: I don't know why it's in here, but she made this for her dad (holds up collage)
Jonas: Must have been for Father's Day.
Daniel: Yeah.

So Bree doesnt do Xmas, but she does Fathers day?

(Cuts to Jonas sitting on sofa.)
Jonas: So that's the box. We also wanted to say how much fun it is to have someone like Sarah around the house.
Daniel: We did?
Jonas: Yeah.
Daniel: Hey-ho
Jonas: When she's not harassing Daniel she's in her room hanging with Jared Scharff and the Royals.
(Cut to a sign that says "Sarah's Room - Boys Only!")
Jonas: She's got that little special way of enticing my bud Daniel, too.
(Daniel takes some rubbish out. Daniel comes out of the gate.)
Sarah: Aaah!!
(Daniel and Sarah laugh.)
Sarah: (in terrible fake English accent) I am the Order. I have come to make you my personal slave.
Daniel: You're a freak.
Sarah: But I'm your freak!
(Cut back to Jonas)
Jonas: So that's it. If you guys have any questions about what we found in the box or I don't know - any advice for us on maybe what we can do next please contact us. Let us know. Peace.

Stay tuned...


  1. PT to Jonas

    By "Well done eagle eyed fans! " I think you meant to say "Rosieiswatching". A shout out to comments would have been nice for once dude!

  2. Nice job GF, good to see the transcripts (with commentary) going again!

  3. PT to emoSarah

    You are a freak, but we still want to see you post on comment:) You are very very very funny.

  4. It's funny. I guess Jonas is thanking me for the Eagle Eyes. I do know I was the first one to notice the bandage in Bree's arm. I know. I checked in the places we shall not speak of. Maybe because I am from the forbidden place...

    But is ok Jonas, you are welcome anyways...


  5. we need to start calling you Eagle Eyes Rosie!

  6. Still no shout-outs to comments?! Way to go Rosie! Here's your shout-out!

  7. So much for "We read every comment" by the Creators, right? Once again Comments is the red-headed bastard stepchild of the site, overlooked if not completely ignored. Imagine that.

  8. Yea, didn't they give credit to each LG15 member from the necro in the last video?

  9. Er..it wasn't Jonas who said "Well done eagle eyed fans" it was me (I put in little quips here and there in the transcripts) I have changed it to read eagle eyed Rosie. I didn't know Rosie pointed out Brees bandages first (sorry Rosie!) Shout out for another input from comments! :)


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