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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Where is Nikki Bower?

Some fans have begun to take note of the longer-than-usual absence of crack reporter Nikki Bower. Is she doing some under cover reporting within the Order? Captured by Banditos in Texas? or just enjoying a bit of well-deserved R&R in a Lone Star spa?

If you have any information about the whereabouts of this missing (and possibly abducted or lollygagging) reporter, please post your comments here.

video by hymnofsome:

Nikki B - Who/Where are you?

Let's take a brief look at Nikki B. Where is she? Can she be trusted? Music is Make it Rain by Setu-firestorm, from Newgrounds Royalty Free, free to use, audio portal. http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/view.php?id=1699615&sub=68831

~ QtheC


  1. Could it be the work of the 436?

  2. Where did she go? Come one Q......we need an answer:)

  3. I hope she can get us coverage of the HoO SEMINAR!

  4. i (betz28) sent her a myspace message...her response...

    Howdy Betsy!
    Thank you for stopping by and checking up on me. I'm still in Texas. I'm now a regular on the rodeo circuit - it pays better than this whole investigating stuff. :)

    I miss nikki b!!!!

  5. Rodeo circuit? That, I would not have guessed. There must be a cowboy involved.


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