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Thursday, June 7, 2007


A "hawtly" debate topic today has been none other than:

Team Daniel vs Team Jonas?

Daniel on LGpedia

Jonas on LGpedia

Leave a comment below and let us know which team YOU are on and why you think they are HAWT!


  1. i would do them both.

  2. What about a battle of the girls. Bree vs Sarah

    They could wrestle, preferably with jello, or hot oil.

  3. Jonas all the way!
    Those eyes and those arms!
    Plus, he's so sweet to Bree.


  5. *looks at Jonas*
    * looks at DB*
    I....I... I choose p monkey!

  6. i do think jonas is wonderful,
    but i have to say team danielbeast.
    he's been around for bree since
    the beginning and he has such
    a good heart despite not always
    knowing the right thing to do.

    they are both adorable, though.

  7. Team Jonas!


  8. i'm gonna be cliche and go with jonas. especially after recent vids and daniel becoming increasingly occupied with sarah.

  9. I am all about Daniel! He's been there for Bree from the very beginning and just because he has had some frustrated moments about the situation there in, doesn't make him a bad friend. I think that if he honestly felt Jonas was making headway with Bree, he would be happy about it. I just hope that, for all their sakes, they make real progress soon.

  10. Team Daniel! Woot!

    Daniel is everything a girl could want and Sarah is everything anyone could want. Plus, they have P. Monkey! =)

  11. I love them both. Cant choose

  12. Team Daniel all the way.

    Except that Jonas is hotter...

    And more vulerable, and I love when he gets angry, and those arms.

    But DB's voice and his intensity and his arms.

    I have to agree with Mary, I'd do them both. (at the same time?)

  13. I think Jonas is sexier, but I think I'll always be loyal to Daniel. Even though he's got a drinking problem and falls so easily for girls. He's acting like a duncecap right now, but he's been there for Bree through thick and thin.

  14. I have to say TEAM JONAS! He's funny and good hearted and there's definitely a cute chemistry between him and Bree. I would usually root for the underdog (Daniel), but his whining and moping lately is a turnoff.

  15. Team Jonas!
    Have ya'll noticed how DB is trying his best to morph into Jonas? The longer hair, the cute knit hat *SIGH*. I could go on, but alas, try as DB might, he'll never be half the stud Jonas is!
    PS-I'm no Beast Hater, I love him, just don't want to DO him. Not if he was the last man on Earth and I ran out of batteries!

  16. Team DB forever!!! Woo hoo!!!

    (maybe exception whenever Jonas is tied up, somehow that gives him this little extra WOW... LOL.)

  17. Team Jonas, definitely! I think Jonas is great, not only because he's hot and he has killer arms. *drooling all over the place* Also because he is sooo sweet to Bree and he is funny! Singing the eternal FREAK song haha.

    Daniel is cool too, but just not in a sexy way like Jonas is.


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