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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15, the Beast aired his issues.

Daniel: Things aren't going too great right now. Jonas is mad. Of course. He's mad at me, he's mad at Sarah. He's mad at me for not controlling Sarah. (He looks at the camera in a "I'd have more chance controlling the tide" way.) Yeah, that's going to happen. Anyway, he got pissed off earlier today... said I wasn't doing enough to help Bree out. That's bullshit. I am helping out. I'm just not all over her 24/7 like he is.

(Cuts to Bree and Jonas watching bright images flash on a TV screen. Jonas tucks Bree's hair behind her ear. Then cuts to Jonas giving Bree a piggy-back ride in a wooded area. Birds are heard chirping.)

Daniel: Here's the thing. Honestly, I kind of feel that Jonas is taking advantage of Bree right now. And that's not cool. Especially in the state of mind that she's in. You know, the Hymn of One is garbage, I know that. But she's been programmed to think that it's good. It's almost like... she's caught between that world and our world. It all sucks. I don't see that our deprogramming is working for Bree. But Jonas disagrees. He think we're slowly reaching her. I'll say it again -- she is not our Bree.

(Cuts to a shot of P. Monkey.)

Daniel: Hey, P. Monkey.
Daniel (as P. Monkey): What's going on man?
Daniel: Hey, where's Bree?
Daniel (as P. Monkey): Man, I have no idea. She's over there singin' that song. 'Cause it's eternal. Somethin', I don't really know.
Daniel: What are we gonna do?
Daniel (as P. Monkey): Not a damn thing, man. We just gonna chill out man. She just crazy right now. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to say. Hey, look at me, man, I can dance. Check me out, check me out. (P. Monkey begins to dance.) Oh, there we go. Oh, snap. Yep.

(Sarah pokes her head over the counter.)

Sarah: This is so fun. (She runs P. Monkey into her head.)
Daniel: You're a nut.

(Cuts to Daniel sitting outside again.)

Daniel: And Jonas, I don't get you, dude. Do you really think that Bree's clinging to you because she's coming out of her trance? What you're doing is not okay. You need to just be focusing on making her better. And we still don't know enough about the contents of the box. We need to be looking into that. We all need to focus on making Bree Trait:Negative, if that's even possible. That's the only way they'll back off. If Bree's Trait:Negative, the Order won't want her anymore. And I'm not getting into all of this because I'm jealous. I'm not jealous. I don't even think about Bree like that. Just remember this isn't about you trying to hook up. She's my best friend. I just want her back in my life.

Were there some syringes in the box?

Stay tuned...

1 comment:

  1. I wanna see P. Monkey sing the Eternal Freak song!


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