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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Collecting Breeniversisms

Your help is needed!

Over time, there have been a number of "Breeniversisms" either phrases, words, acronyms, references, or even numbers. Let's accumulate them!

Examples include FFFFIIIIRRRSSSTTT!, Meep, CiW, WOAH!, 436, Orange Slurpee, Necro, spin art, HoO, "new girl", "this [blank] is deader than Bree's Dad", to name some of the more famous ones, and a couple of newer ones I just saw today "bonas" (for Bree + Jonas courtship by alexsfruitcakemommy in comments) and "de-slurpee" (meaning to deprogram in GF's transcript of "Bedside Manner").

I think this is the kind of thing that can best be collected, presented, and maintained on the LGPedia, so I have created a new page there:




Please add information to expand and improve the new page on LGPedia, and I think this will prove to be a valuable resource for old and new fans alike.

If you are not comfortable with editing LGPedia directly, please add your comments to this article with information such as Breeniversism, meaning, links to more info, when first used (if known).


~ QtheC

EDIT: Article updated with link to new Breeniversism page on LGPedia. Go forth and edit.


  1. http://www.lonelygirl15.com/lgpedia/index.php?title=Orange_slurpee

    (orange slurpee)





    You are likely to find more if you search through the categories "fan stuff" or "fan groups" on the LGPedia.

  2. lol.....Dream beat me to the links....nicely done Q and Dream.

    now i am actually have to burn some CPU time.

  3. DAmn I had this huge message and my mom came down to use the computer and closed it >< ><

    ...I know its annoying but I kida...started it,on accident but yah.

    2Grape nehi!

    3) TAAG-Stands for Teen Angst Adventure Gang, brought to you by Tachyon *tear*

    4)does frequrent snowball fights and fort-building count as Breeniversisms?

    5) right well I think we should add Breeniversisms to the list now.

    6)There are more give me some time lol

  4. Note the new LGPedia page is up, so if possible, please add things there directly!


  5. 8 minutes is not cemented yet......but its a possible candidate: see LG15 today for articles on 8 minutes
    - it could also fit under 436

  6. Can I add Scoobies?? Please?? I love refering to the gang as the Scoobies

  7. Anyone can edit the LGPedia page!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I was thinking of my humble contributions for this list:

    1.- Purple Kaboom: the official cleaning product of the LG15 Defence Force

    2.- The great war: self-explanatory (although not mine, but brings us to the next one)

    3.- Long Live Comments: During the Great War,

    and my favorite and still in use..

    4.- *HAPPY THOUGHTS*: used to calm down the troops while attack by trolls...


  10. Lonelypirates15 and the Defense Force? Songle??

  11. I should have said "Go forth and edit ... in alphabetical order" lol

  12. I'm on there twice, cool.

  13. I'm no good at editing LGPedia, I might accidentally delete something. So someone but this in for me.

    "eye less then three female sheep.

    <3 is a heart, but you can't use "<" on the comment board. So you have to type "less then three"

    Another word for female sheep is ewe which sounds like "you".

    I'll find the link for this if someone puts it up.


  14. Oops, I forgot to say please.


  15. Okay, Joe, I have three of your classics on the Breeniversisms page now ... 436: "this comment does not exist", "eye less than three female sheep", and "this place is as dead as Bree's Dad."


    If you can provide First Use and links to the original comments on the comments board, we can fill in that column for these three items, thus assuring your place in LG history.

  16. This is the link to the start of 436 not existing. Your first reaction will be that it's number 437. That is a story in itself.


  17. i dont know how to add to the LGpedia list but i have one.


    Jonas describing Bree from "Bedside Manner"

  18. These took a while to find.

    This place is deader then Bree's dad

    I less then three female sheep

  19. I think everything up to this point has been added to the LGPedia Breeniversisms page - let me know if I missed anything, or if you think of more to add.

    Note, there are still several marked "first use, links needed" ... if anyone can fill those in, go for it!

  20. *shimmy* Check the talk page for links.


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