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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The latest LG15 video (“Everybody Does It”) seemw to have hit close to another emotional nerve concerning the topic of sex and the audience of the show. Here are two post that capture the different attitudes of fans (and a few interesting story line ideas).

Loungelizard says:

June 13th, 2007 at 2:50 am

"Hello everybody! I do not comment often but I simply could not help myself on this one. In regards to #98 (see below), I would like to point out the obvious and say that it is the sole responsibility of parents to moniter what their kids watch whether it be on television or the internet. It is the responsibility of the creators of a show to move the plot of said show forward. Which is what I believe they were trying to do in this video by addressing the issue of whether or not Jonas and Bree had sex (I’m still not convinced that they did.) I also think that the creators are doing a good job of making Sarah’s character more three-dimensional by subtly yet effectively dealing with the emotional scars left on her by her parent’s divorce. I was not a big fan of her character at first, but she is starting to grow on me. She adds an element of unpredictability that I find appealing. I also wanted to share a theory with you all. I was thinking: What if the deprogramming worked and they got the “normal” Bree back days ago, then they created the rest of these videos to trick the order into thinking that Jonas and Bree had sex thereby breaking the purity bond? And that Bree had run off and was no longer at Jonas’s house? This would be an excellent way for them to buy some time and make Bree trait negative. Anyhow, sorry about the uber long post. I’d love to hear everybody’s thoughts on this".

directorintraining says:

June 13th, 2007 at 1:26 am

"terrible video. Lay off the sex talk, I’m pretty sure younger kids are watching, and they don’t need to be taught sooner than later! Also, what’s up with this chick? Why is she even here??? She has NOTHING to do with the storyline, and she’s been of no help whatsoever. If you’re gonna write her in, at least make her role something more interesting and useful than a nymphomaniac who does nothing but throw a negative attitude and almost blow everyone’s cover by not taking it seriously. Great feedback or not, in script terms, this character is just not helping the story. Maybe she could play a more active role in helping to find Bree, if you insist on keeping her. And try to stay away from the love crap, it doesn’t really work unless you add it into an intense video that will balance it out from being too sappy. AND WHERE THE HECK ARE TACHYON AND HER BROTHER?????? And Bree’s mom? What’s up with her? And Alex? Start answering the right questions guys, and keep track of the story. Maybe Bree’s mom will know how to make her trait negative, if it’s even possible?"

What do YOU think? Leave a comment below and express your views on these topics.


  1. Obviously the second poster has not been an avid follower or they would know that Tachyon and brother are not coming back. How many times has this been addressed?

    Also I personally think that it is the responsibility of the parents not the creators to monitor what the children see. Personally I don't think Sarah said anything incriminating other than explaining that humans and all animals have sex. And really that is just a fact of life.

  2. http://youtube.com/watch?v=PX_kEDNSUFY

    Have you any of you seen this video? Any significance?

  3. I am subscribed to certain tags in my youtube subscriptions, which is the only reason I saw this. Not many had viewed it though

  4. The theory of LoungeLizard has been suggested quite often, it would be relieving to think that Bree was and is in a normal state of mind, and that Jonas has been posting videos insinuating that he and Bree have had sex to of trick the HoO.
    However, many people have disputed this concept saying that the HoO does not watch LG15's videos, even if they did DJS could easily make a private video explaining their intentions and motives to us.

  5. anonymous above is posting a link to the missing taylor video that was never posted -- someone took it and posted it on youtube, its been around over a month but deals with the storyline that was abandoned.

  6. ok, thanks for responding. I did not know that.

  7. I agree with Loungelizard. Parents are suppost to censor things for their children.

    Is the gemma crowley videos canon? Because if they are, HoO's plan is that they have sex because they're both "pure" and B is going to birth the new leader. That's according to the latest video. If these events are true, B ran away back to HoO because she has what they want, their new leader.

    But what would suck is if gemma crowley is a fanfic, then I'd throw my theory out the window.

  8. The whole flippant "sex is just sex" thing makes me sad. It seems to be the common consensus nowadays. Look at the responses to Sarah agreeing with her! Ugh.

    As a married woman who waited to have sex until marriage, it bothers me that so many young people nowadays treat sex like Sarah. I have good friends who are also like this..."Sex is sex. It doesn't mean anything. Doesn't hurt anyone. Gotta scratch that itch." And their lives are miserable. Is this the case for everyone? Maybe... maybe not. But Sarah is obviously no role model and she certainly doesn't seem very happy. I'd ask folks to think twice before jumping on the "You go girl!" bandwagon.

  9. When have ANY of the videos in this series every been anything other than they are at face value? Once, when Bree lied about the fake ceremony, and second, when she said she'd do the ceremony in exchange for Daniel. Back then she had Tachyon backing her up.

    People often bring up the "these videos are a ruse for the Order" speculation, but it almost NEVER turns out to be true. I've pretty much abandoned that as a possible plot device in my viewing of the series.


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