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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Order of Denderah: Our Past, Present and Future- acrowleyorder

Posted by Gemma Crowley

This has been made clear before but maybe it needs to be said again. The Gemma Crowley Universe and Bree’s Universe are not the same. There is certainly an intersecting story line and the LG15 characters appear in the Gemma Crowley Universe but this should be thought of in the same way that it happens in the comic world. Think of when the creators of Superman or Spiderman create a story line outside of the canon universe of their characters. This happens all the time and these storylines do not become part of the actual Superman or Spiderman Universes.

From: "gemm acrowley":

While the Gemma Crowley series has predicted many future developments in the LG15 series and will likely continue to do so this should not be construed to mean that it is canon to Bree’s Universe. It is not. If any aspect of Gemma Crowley were to become canon then the creators of LG15 would make that clear to the fans. A perfect example of the differences is the sexual relationship between Jonas and Bree in the Gemma Crowley series. It is likely that in Jonas’ next video in the Bree Universe will explain to Sarah that they did not have sex. In Gemma Crowley’s Universe Jonas and Bree had sex; that does not mean she is pregnant yet but that was the desired outcome of her actions.

Also another fact is that in the Gemma Crowley Universe, Gemma may not be the same Gemma as in LG15. What we know so far about Gemma Crowley is that she is a descendant of Aleister Crowley. Keep in mind that Gemma and Gemma Crowley may be different people or they may be the same.

The one thing both series have in common is that they are fiction and neither is an ARG. Like any work of fiction; if you enjoy it then watch it and if you don’t then watch something else.

Also the most important fact is that the series are not by the same creators and there has been no direct collaboration between the two groups on either storyline. The creators of Gemma Crowley are fans of LG15 and some of the creators and actors in the LG15 world are fans of Gemma Crowley but that is where the connection ends.

(on behalf of the Creators of Gemma Crowley and acrowleyorder)

1 comment:

  1. So maybe sleeping with Jonas was the Ceremony....if she did sleep with him.


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