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Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Filler video - meepersanon

WARNING: This is a filler video. It has no new infomation. It will waste your time...enjoy :) meepers_anonymous xoxo


  1. That was pretty amusing...and so true in her analysis of filler video characteristics. XD

  2. thanks liz

    I wish someone would tell me when my videos are up on the blogspot (hint hint model!)

  3. meepers

    MM is a machine (maybe a computer after all)... if you post a vid, it gets posted here within minutes :)

  4. Not all vids get posted here or will be posted here, but we try to get a good sampling from the breeniverse.

    This one was very clever, meepers_anonymous.

    As a blog author, you can post your own videos here too! (nudge, nudge)


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