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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Jonas thanks the.....

Jonas says:

I've only got a sec. as you can imagine, things are a bit hectic right now. thanks for the investigating done on the forum yesterday - things happened so fast that we didn't have time to let you know i recognized the name of the clown. i was lost at "rain or shine" but immediately knew where to go when i heard sid.

sarah's ok, we picked her up down the street. man can that girl run in heels. her plan worked amazingly well. thanks to sarah we were able to save bree.

we're now on our way to a place no one will find us. gotta go, we'll be in touch when we can.


  1. Yeah Jonas, thanks again for ignoring all the work comments put into it...

  2. Awww rosie, don't blame Jonas, blame the creators!!! I can't believe I've gone 3 days without going on the LG15 site...

  3. OMG...i think I just blew a circuit!

  4. True anonymous, he's in the payroll...

    I am just plying along with the "character interaction".

  5. *finds some spare IC's and fuses in the LG15 Today storage closet and passes them to modelmotion*

    lol, in fairness, not much has been posted on the actual comments page, so maybe they are not aware of who is solving things behind the scenes? meh, silly Creators need to read this blog every day!

    I posted a comment on the comments about whether puzzle-solving by fans actually had any impact on the story ... might write something up for this blog later.

  6. I can see the creators point, the forum has an in character section and an out of character section. The comment lacks this. sometime it's ppl commenting on the vid talking to the creators and the actors other times its ppl talking to DB&J. I think thats what needs to be fixed in order for this whole character interaction thing to work properly. Maybe the comments thing should be like an RPG with indicators to show if something said is in character or not.....or maybe not. Just brainstorming right now ppls. :)

    Of course if the comments are considered out of character than the Creators should have no problem letting us know about things like contests in the comments, which has been done either.

  7. Well, I still think marking comments as "in game" if they are and otherwise assuming them "out of game" would be a simple solution. We pretend with the private vs public videos, so why not with IG vs OOG comments?

  8. Opladybug. Faction: COMMENTS Status: OOG

    Opladybug. Fracation: COMMENTS Status: IG


  9. I think what we are saying is that we want to sit down and talk about this. Thats all. We are a large fan block and we want the Creators to understand what works for us, and what does not work. The rest is up to them.

  10. I got it all worked out! Comments is Cassie! They know we exist they just dont talk about us... ;)

  11. Cassieisevilitsallcassiesfault!!!




  12. Well haven't you guys been MIA for the past couple of days, so him saying thanks to the forum would be correct. You guys didn't solve anything on the comment board this week...


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