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Friday, June 15, 2007

First Blog / Dorkiness Prevails (6/16/06)

So, I finally got a webcam and got it working (ugh, harder than I thought...). Hope you like it :)


What was the first LG15 video you watched? Lets us know in the comments below!!!!!!!!! (Since Joe has not yet been able to eliminate time zones it already 6/16/06 down under)


  1. this was actually the first video I watched. I remembered thinking ... Hey she's cute, and she looks fun...but there is something about her.

  2. The first viedo I watched was the grills(!) video... then I went back and watched from the beginning once I found out that it wasn't real. I thought it made it more interesting. (I'm a theater student so i was really curious to see how this whole thing was gonna work)

  3. The first video I watched was JackDanyells's 'interview with Jessica Rose' on YouTube, and then I went back and watched the whole thing from beginning to the most recent video at the time. Human Ransom came out the day I finished catching up... talk about a cliff-hanger!

  4. My first video was My Parents Suck, I nearly wrote a response telling her that her parents probably werent too happy to let her go off alone with a boy into the bushes! How niave was I ???

  5. Hm... Well, I saw all the media craziness going on around September, but never caught up on the show. In late November, I decided that I wanted to catch up and get into the series, and so I went on LGPedia and followed their guide to watch all the episodes in order. (So, I guess my first video was 'First Blog/Dorkiness Prevails.')

    Then, I got sucked into the whole thing, became a Nikki B fan, watched the Oppy vids (but, sadly, never got into the ARG itself), was shocked along with everyone else at the whole Gemma thing, etc. etc. I only recently started posting occaisionally on the forums (ever since the whole New Girl thing, I think).


  6. The first I watched was Boy Problems and then I went back and watched from the beginning and then after a while I finally realized Daniel was posting videos so I had to watch his :]
    I was such a LonelyN00b.

  7. lonelynoob... lol!
    I just watched this video... good times, good times. Bree has changed so much in a year!

  8. The first LG video I watched was the Christmas one, where DB goes back to Jonas' house and surprised Bree.

    I was like, "what the heck is all this about?!" So, after investingating further, and watching many videos, I was hooked.

  9. (Actually the first video I watched was Proving Science Wrong... with Lonelybeast and Danielgirl15) but that same day I watched all of the previous videos... so this video was one of my first. :)

  10. The first vid I watched came up as a related link after watching some other vid. It was way before the outting, and I didn't pay much attention to it. It wasn't until I found out that the show wasn't real that I actually became interested in it. The newest vid at that time was "Should I Or Shouldn't I?", so I basically consider that my first vid.

  11. The first video I watched was "LONELYGIRL IS A FAKE!" or something, and then I found her userpage. The newest video was "Should I or Shouldn't I?" (apparently I started watching about the same time as skunkwaffle) and I watched all the videos up to that point that night.

    *sigh* I miss those days...

  12. The first video I watched was "My first Kiss" I was hooked ever since

  13. my first video was Flesh Wound. I said "this is the greatest thing ever. i will always love it." OK OK OK, as usual i'm being ridiculous.

    seriously though, the 1st vid I recall watching was "lazy eye", which was not the newest at the time. I believe "peace offering" was. This was mid August. Cheers to one crazy year!


  14. I forget which video I watched first, I think the one where Bree's parents leave with Lucy, but I cant say for sure. I do know that the first video I watched on the official site was "Missed Me?"


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