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Friday, June 15, 2007


Background article on the IRIS NETWORK

The following information has been revealed:

B1^CKMATHSK will begin with a math problem that will then lead to the number of the code being used. For example
163x2=326. The sentence would begin with the math problem.

#26..= using the alphanumerical code
#326..= using the command script
#323..= using number code to give a meeting time
#320..= using the warning system
/= changing codes

Alpha/numerical code command script Numbers
a=a=1 Cr0w=I'm on my way !=1
b=d=2 dr0wn=need help @=2
c=k=3 St. Bernard=sending help #=3
d=d=4 b^d63r=I feel strongly about this $=4
e=i=5 m1nk=I can't help you right now 5=%
f=v=6 3y3=I need you to gather information ^=6
g=j=7 w217=we need to wait and watch before we act 7=&
h=h=8 R37URN=come back 8=*
i=e=9 80=go 9=(
j=g=1a 00=:
k=c=2a 0=)

A space is represented by an underscore_ (only in the alpha numerical code)

Example of use of alphanumerical code:
#26.. 9_3a6a4b5_7b6a3b=e lufi yuo= I love you

Example of using the command script

A. dr0wn= I need help
B. Cr0w or m1nk= I'm on my way or I can't help you right now


A. B^63R
B. w217

The pure number code would be used only for meeting times. The code #323= I'm sending you a time to meet.

The symbol / means switching between codes.

Example of a code switch:

4a552b_4a5_a2b/(00))=meet me at 9:00

In B1^CKMATHSK there will also be several warning messages that will be depicted by one or two characters

Symbols for the warning system
;-;= something very bad is about to happen (this symbol will warn everyone you send it to that something horrible is about to happen)

<->= need directions (this symbol will tell everyone you send it to that you are lost)

<_>= kidnapped (this symbol will tell everyone you send it to that you've been abducted)
there will be symbols to use along with this one
o+o (this symbol will tell people that you're in a car.)
oo0oo (this symbol will tell people that you're on a train)
^/..^ (this symbol will tell people that you're on a boat)
->-> (this symbol tells people you're on a plane)
Symbols after this are not kidnapped symbols. The symbols above may be used when not kidnapped to relay a message as well
*$*= I have arrived at my destination and await further instruction
%%= I don't know what to do next

All of these codes are interchangeable using the / symbol. I look forward to seeing people implement these codes.

*The code in the vids are not completely accurate so some guessing is involved. This used to be on the website: http://jdolorous.tripod.com/anti/id1.html
It was removed about a week ago to my knowledge.


  1. Wow, I am not smart enough to understand that. I'm guessing there's no webpage where you can copy and paste stuff and then it translates it for you.

  2. this symbol will mean your eyes have crossed, and you would prefer plain english to codes... >???<


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