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Friday, June 1, 2007

Getting Her Back

The flyers beneath the blue stone had a phone number. We called it and heard a strange message. However, once you all figured out what it said, Jonas realized we need to come here. Thank you. - Daniel. Faction: THE RESISTANCE


  1. EmoSarah, the new Tachyon....he he he...she still cracks me up:)

  2. Crazy Bree is back ... on heavy meds probably... so who sent the coded messages in the Hymn Of One videos? ... a traitor to the Order?

    No sign of Jules, but she is "trait negative" so maybe safe for now?

  3. So wait. Jonas said "Help her Friday. Beneath the Blue Stone."

    So TCC was nothing at all. ouch.

  4. Wow, my heart was pumping at the end of that one...and now we wait for another. x.x

  5. They did not really expain the location....did i miss something?

  6. All I got was that it was some kind of country club or something where Alex and Jonas had gone as kids to a party with ponies, and somehow "Sid the Clown" was the clincher for Jonas.

    That implies that Alex may be involved in the blue stone message recording, or Jonas' parents. So that part is interesting.

    As for the "19" Taylor said that the 19th tarot card symbolized reunion ... seems quite a stretch from a number to reunion ... but that seems to have been the intention.

    We still don't really know what all the words in the recording actually were, so maybe there will be more explanation later ?

  7. So how do you de brain wash someone? MM? Any thoughts?

  8. Wow, that bodyguard is not guarding anything. I predict that losing Bree and emoSarah will no help his career. Anyways, crazy Bree is back. Hope she does more than just whine these days. (I love the new writer. :))

  9. PS: I'm going to scream if they go back on the road now and the cycle starts anew!!!

  10. Anyone else notice Sarah is using BSA / semiphor to attract the bodyguard? the first signal is "acknowledge"

  11. I agree dream! NO WHINING!! LOL, and no endless roadtrips!

  12. I agree dream! NO WHINING!! LOL, and no endless roadtrips!


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