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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans saw the Scoobies rescue Bree. (As you can probably guess, I havent checked LGpedia, please forgive any errors)

Jonas: Beneath the blue stone. I guess this is where we're supposed to be? If you don't know what I'm talking about, let me explain... Bree's two Hymn of One Recruitment videos. They were pretty strange, right? There was a clue in them. Take the first letter, of the first word, of each sentence and it spells, "Help Her Friday Beneath the Blue Stone." We weren't really sure what that meant until yesterday. Those people there, from the seminar. Well, they received this flyer and they said they got it "beneath the blue stone." And the flyer had a phone number on it. So, we called it last night. But here's the bizarre thing. It was a weird message and we really couldn't understand what it was saying, but what I did make out from it. Is that I think this is the place that we're supposed to be.

(Camera cuts to Daniel.)

Jonas: Okay! So here we are. It looks like we're the first on the scene. I went to a... crazy party here when I was a kid. I guess, like, one of my dad's best-friends threw this party for his ten year-old son. It was his birthday! And uh... I mean, he drug me and Alex all the way down here. Just to come to this thing. I mean it was so crazy that they even had pony rides in here.
Sarah: That's cool...
Jonas: Yeah.
Sarah: Cause ponies are awesome.
Jonas: Well, anyway, when I heard that clue about "Sid the Clown" I knew that, uh... we had to come here. You remember ?
Sarah: You so pretty!

(Shot of Daniel patting his lap with his hands in anxiety)

Sarah: Stop it!
Daniel: I'm just relieving stress.
Sarah: There are better ways.

(All three of them laugh)

Jonas: Yowza!
Sarah: Can I go yet?
Jonas: No! Not yet.

(Sarah imitates shooting her-self in the head through her mouth and collapses onto the back seat.)

Jonas: Oh, That's hot!
Daniel: Why act? That's all I know.
Sarah: Uh, you know what? Sitting in this care is not doing anything. So...
Jonas: Well, yah know, it's just gotta stop!
Sarah: You know what! Okay! Yah know what! NO! Seriously...
Jonas: Hey! Don't you! No!
Daniel: No! Don't!
Sarah: You just need someone.
Jonas: Do not leave! Do not LEAVE! Dammit!
Daniel: Stop her

(Sarah gets out of the car. Daniel, and Jonas holding the camera follow her)

Daniel: Wait! Slow down! Stop right now, Sarah..

(Lucy appears in the distance, clearly not seeing the Scoobies - I blame the guccis)

Jonas: Jesus! Go! Go!

(Daniel grabs Sarah and tries to cover her mouth)

Sarah: Why dont you just talk to her?

(I like Sarah, she says what we all think!)

(Daniel picks up Sarah and carries her back to the car)

Sarah: Put me down!!! Argh! Put me down!!!

(Back in the car Sarah looks even more disgruntled a black car can be seen parked in the distance with two men in black suits either side of it)

Daniel: This car just parked and the guards are looking very scary to me..
Jonas: I bet Brees in the back of it... back of that car.

(Lucy approaches the two guards and signals one of them to follow her. the other guard opens the door of the car to check on the passenger)

Jonas: I mean Daniel and I were sitting tight and Sarah took off, she says she's got a plan. she told us about it, hope it works...
Daniel: There she is.

(Sarah appears and starts signalling to the guard. Her fist hand signal btw is the semaphore for "acknowledge")

Daniel: What the hell is she doing??
Jonas: That is so obvious.

(the guard walks over to Sarah)

Jonas: Its working!
Daniel : Lets go..dude..
Jonas: Wait...wait..

(The boys run out of the car, stop to crouch behind a parked car as the guard approaches Sarah, then head to the black car)

Jonas: Bree! come on!
Bree: What are you doing here? what are you guys? No!!!
Jonas: (lifting Bree out out of the car) I got her.
Bree: Oh my..Help!!

(Sarah is seen in the distance struggling with the guard)

Daniel: I'm going to help Sarah
Bree: HELP!!
Daniel: Sarah hasnt got away yet! (panicked) she hasnt got away!

(Sarah appears to knee the guard... somewhere... and runs away)

(Jonas bundles Bree into the car as the guard gives chase)

Bree: I dont wanna go!! No I have to do the ceremony
Jonas: (To Daniel) Go go!! start the car!!

Did Bree want to be rescued? Stay tuned...


  1. Since there could be mistakes if you don't check with LGpedia, why dont you copy/paste if FROM LGpedia?

    that and FIRST!

  2. I'm part of the boycott. I wont go on the LG15 site while it is on.

    Every time I do a transcript I always check it against the LGpedia version, (I dont copy and paste because I dont always type up the whole script - just a quick synopsis of the video!)

    Just for the last few vlogs obviously because of circumstances stated in the article above ("Be part of something") I havent checked LGpedia. I am assured it is accurate though :)

  3. gf sorry your posts have gotten lost in the mix the past couple of days... hopefully things will get back to normal soon. great job working without LGPedia though!


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