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Friday, June 1, 2007

HymnOfOne Red & Blue Flier Messages

On the forums discussion for "It's A Cult" video:

stevemedigod wrote:
So, now I'm wondering if the blue stone lead more directly to further instructions. the red message seems like "don't call us; we'll call you"

voyboy replied:
yes the text is all the same but the damn numbers are different. someone tell LG15blogspot to post those!

Okay, you asked for it ... SPOILER ALERT!!!!
(not that that will stop anyone from watching, lol)...

Blue Stone message discussion thread.

This video is also available on YouTube here.

Liz has posted a crisper version (better recording) of the blue flier message here on YouTube.

See the two stories directly below this one for more information on what this flier is and where it came from.

Sorry for the crackling noises in the audio. This is a cell phone earpiece recorded through a very cheap PC microphone, and then amplified in Audacity. If I filter out the crackles, the voice also suffers, so I left it as is.

Honestly, the blue stone recording is very hard to understand and I think we need more ears to figure it out ... and that's the best reason I can think of to post this here now, and also to include the telephone numbers for those that want to listen to the message directly. I hope this is not considered a real "spoiler," but hey, that's how ARGs go, right?

(telephone numbers are truncated by one digit in the YouTube version of the video, but given in full in the description there, and in the newer Revver version)

~ QtheC


  1. kudos and thanks to lg15today for their awesome coverage of the seminar!

  2. I sure can't understand the blue stone recording. But then, I'm a non-native speaker and all. If anyone figures it out, please post a transcript!!

  3. See link to the discussion thread. Some of the 'transcripts' are pretty amusing.

  4. I got a crisper version of the audio by downloading the call recording from my phone. Don't know if it will be helpful, but here is is: http://youtube.com/watch?v=hDVqTw7Xk4g


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