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Friday, June 1, 2007

It’s A Cult

Daniel, Sarah and I, went to the location in The Hymn of One message. From there, we found the location for the seminar. - Jonas Faction: THE RESISTANCE

See the "It's A Cult" video discussion thread here for comments from Voyboy, who has confirmed himself as the guy who took the candid video shots of the seminar and provided them to Daniel, Jonas, and Sarah.

i was there guys. i didn't want to post till after the vid was released.
there are two flyers one from under the red stone and one from under the blue stone. I took one from the red and started to get one from under the blue but karl started walking towards me and...well if you remember how he was to Daniel in the party scene then you can see why I got nervous and only ended up with the red one.

Just for shits and giggles - heres the number from the RED stone.
866 558 2749
The entire seminar was all real time and in character. The "fourthwall" was never taken down.

All the doubts that people had can be washed away, because this was VERY organized VERY well done and VERY safe. It was so well done. I was a bit surprised that so few (over 1 showed up. I know it was a work day, thats why I took a vacation day from work, and I suggest that the next time they do a live event, you do the same.

Just when I thought it couldn't get better - boom! I got to be in the episode with them (pssst! I am the guy that gave them the footage )

See the Hymn of One IS Fun!!!!!
stevemedigod wrote:
Oh, and another question- I guess from what you said, that they just came up to you during the seminar and cast you for the video part with scripted lines?

voyboy replied:
Well like I said there were very few of us there, and as we were gettng ready to leave, Amanda (aka Lucy) asked us if we would do that. Of course we were like "of course!"


  1. omg emoSarah is so funny......she just totally cracks me up!!!!!!!!!

  2. talk about an uncomfortable meeting! oh, and I recognize the covert videographer... almost like someone from a Dream or something ? ;)

    The Hymn of One does not look fun.

  3. Thanks to stevemedigod for the heads-up on the forums thread postings by voyboy, etc. !

  4. Dream lives on the wrong continent... :( Makes her very sad whenever live events take place.

  5. Wait, voyboy was there? Omg, so there's a chance that itskassie really will be the new girl! Yesss

  6. Dream look out for KateModern.. ;)

  7. http://download.yousendit.com/B6C0189D440AF3D8

  8. Anonymous said...
    Wait, voyboy was there? Omg, so there's a chance that itskassie really will be the new girl! Yesss

    June 1, 2007 10:54 AM

    LOL! Looks like itskassie is going to haunt me forever huh?


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