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Friday, June 1, 2007

HymnOfOne Seminar Rumors

Editor's note: The sources for the information in this story are believed to be reliable, but take everything with a grain of salt because some information is 4th or 5th hand literally. Some things come from more than one source, but some do not. Also, modelmotion and I have discussed the notes for this article and made some calls about what to share and what not to publish at this time. Our goal is to inform and generate excitement without spoiling surprises that are better revealed by others (e.g. the Creators in the upcoming videos). And we don't want to cause logistical problems by doing things like posting telephone numbers, for instance.

Also, we are trying not to reveal who among the fans attended the seminar unless they have given their permission or already posted publicly about it themselves first. So some might wish we had told more and some might wish we had told less. We have tried to strike a balance... We would appreciate it if you would use similar restraint in adding comments to this blog about this story.

  • At least one attendee confirms there was a girl there with blue hair.

  • An attendee was greeted by a man in a suit who asked the attendee if he/she was ready to be a brother/sister in the Hymn Of One, and checked the email address to confirm the invitation. The man looked familiar to the attendee, redish hair with a hat, and may have been in the Alex video of the fashion party with the other members. He handed out directions to a lodge nearby.

  • At the seminar, the audience was a mix of invited guests and possible actors including some from the fashion party video. The "plants" participated by answering questions and interacting with the 10 or so invited guests in attendance.

  • They played "The Hymn" music the entire time, and gave out cookies with jelly centers and water.

  • A person similar to the actress who plays Lucy was in attendance!

  • Bree was not in attendance, but at least one recognizable character from past fan videos, a certain "Doctor" was! (identity not revealed here to prevent recognition of possible guest attendee, possible plant, tbd).

  • Bree's pals from the recent HymnOfOne videos, Carl and Sonya, were leaders at the seminar, asking questions about feeling free and what is important and getting answers from the audience. The emphasis was on how fun it is to be part of the Hymn of One.

  • There was a division of audience members into two teams, associated with red and blue colored stones, and some kind of game played, and a finding of harmony in a 'hymn of one' with kazoos and other instruments.

  • There were some numbered documents distributed and a choice of fliers by teams or players. This part of the story is quite vague - the reports we have are vague, but we do have some partial information from a flier to share:
    Congratulations! You have passed level one on your path to becoming a brother or a sister in the Hymn of One! Please let us know if the hymn of one sings to you.
    This could be your eternal song.
    Are you ready? Contact us and tell us: "I am ready to join the choir!"
    (email address and two telephone numbers omitted)

  • An attendee reports that the colored stones and choosing between them seemed to be emphasized by Sonya as important.

  • At least one attendee suspects that Carl and/or Sonya was behind the hidden messages in the recent HymnOfOne videos featuring Bree, but gave no further explanation for the suspicion.

  • The HymnOfOne was not the only group interacting with attendees. (and that is ALL we are saying about that at this time, so meh!)

  • At this time, LG15 Today blog staff has a pretty solid knowledge of the identities of at least four or five of the attendees out of approximately ten rumored to have been at the seminar, but will not confirm or deny any rumors related to this information at this time.

So LG15 Today blog readers, should we have mentioned the jelly centers, or did we reveal too much? And should we post about what happens when you call those flier telephone numbers we did not post?

EDIT: lol, some of my restrained comments are already out of date with the new video just released!

~ QtheC


  1. I changed one small thing to better reflect what I believe to be true. Q if you have positive confirmation then you are free to change it back.

  2. whew...we just got that out in time;)

  3. You've got to love a cult that uses kazoos.

  4. Actually, I published the article 4 minutes AFTER you posted the video, modelmotion, ... so I edited the timestamp slightly to put them in a more sensible order on the blog, lol.

  5. Oh, and I now have recordings of the messages for the flier telephone numbers ... one is very hard to understand though.

  6. did anyone get the flyer under the blue stone?

    if so, are we allowed to find out? or can we find out vie the Breeniverse soon???


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