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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Jessica Rose wins a Webby!

Jessica Rose has won the Best Actress award at the 11th annual Webby Awards. This is the first time the award has been given and it was part of the Inargural Webby Online film and Video Awards.

What makes the Webby award night stand out is that all acceptance speeches are limited to 5 words. What did our Jessica have to say?

"Being traditional and saying thanks"

Jessica also presents the Webby Person of the Year Award to the founders of You-Tube, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley.

For all Webby winners: http://www.webbyawards.com


  1. she looks gorgeous!
    yay for a LG15 win :D!

  2. Go Jess.


    Did you sing the Eternal Freak song

    he he he....

  3. If you read this Jessica, congratulations!!! Few young actresses have had the intense scrutiny and solo performances that you have had on LG15 - I hope it will grow into bigger and better things for you.

    Great job!

  4. Wow, she looks absolutely stunning.


  5. She is gorgeous! And it's so sad that so many people keep saying she looks fat. In this picture she actually looks super skinny. Poor girl.

    Congratulations to her on her webby!

  6. Didn't she also win an MTV or VH1 award?


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