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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Lexi on F.O.B

What did we learn?

How did the Creators find Lexi?
- she met Greg and Miles at a party and they asked her to audition.

- Lexi has an English father and an American mother. Her accent is British, but she can perform in an American accent, as she does when playing emoSarah.

- She is a classically trained singer (Opera) and has a beautiful voice (she sang something from "The Little Mermaid" during the broadcast)

- Lexi will be in a film "Copy, Credit, and Meals Provided" that she thinks may be out in October. I think that is terminology in open casting calls that means you get a copy of the video, but no pay, for acting in a project. (ED: This part of the broadcast was rather quick, so it is possible I have the film name incorrect here).

- She has a boyfriend, and is not interested in Yousef romantically, though she believes that Sarah has a crush on Daniel.

- Yousef does not have a promising career as a manicurist waiting for him, as he managed to paint Lexi's toes as well as her toenails. This was a bit of a problem as Amanda forgot to bring nail polish remover to the shoot that day.

- We learned a new interpretation of the innocent phrase "See you next Tuesday."

- Yousef is single, and "see note below" would date him, given the chance.

- Reza is unable to determine where his beard ends and his chest hair begins, and he destroys a lot of cars.

- Yousef, Reza, and Lexi all seem to agree that nipples are an interesting topic.

- Miles is in London.

- LG15 Intern, Ian, is working on Lonelygirl15 "outtakes." (Does this mean there will be a LG15 DVD available sometime soon?)

- Amanda cusses the most on set, according to Intern Ian, but Lexi claims it is her that cusses the most on set.

- After hearing Lexi's british accent, Skunkwaffle declared "Alexandra is officially the coolest ever!" Lexi said, "Lurker, I love you" when he called in, and again in the shout-outs. And she also said she loves Reza, who also loves her. And Reza loves himself, on fridays. And Consideration loves Yousef. And Yousef and Consideration are the only ones who loved Spiderman 3. And ApotheosisAZ loves Lucy. And everyone at NowLive loves Lexi, or hopes to one day, but no luck because she said she has "a lovely boyfriend" again and again, maybe a little too often. I think. But she did say "QuinceTheCarpenter - that's fantastic" during the shout-outs. ("That's fantastic might be British for "how odd", I'm not sure). Anyway, there's a lot of love.

The rebroadcast of this show is available until the next one airs.

NOTE: The original post said "Determination". This appears to be an error because Determination says "Someone mentioned that they would date Yousef if he was single, but I don’t think it was me". ~modelmotion

After additional consideration and listening to the rebroadcast, I think it was "Consideration" that I had mistakenly posted as "Determination" who would date Yousef. I also had the nationalities of Lexi's parents reversed and have corrected them. ~QtheC


  1. I added some additional notes from the broadcast. Lexi did some "shout outs" at the end (reading from the fast scrolling chat) and said she "loved" someone (but I forget who now, but it is in the rebroadcast).

    She also said "fantastic" after "QuinceTheCarpenter."

    Amanda Goodfried also joined the chat as "mandylou" which made Lucy fans happy.

  2. Wait... what? when did I say that?

  3. Great update Q, love the nailpolish part!!!

    You should add your name in the body of the text as a contributing author or something like that.

  4. I added some notes to document my level of confusion while editing this article. I tried to correct some of the errors, and added some more details from the rebroadcast.

    For instance, I'm not at all certain about the name of the film Lexi said she would be in that she thought would come out in October. Maybe when she said "meals included" she was talking about the pay and not name of the film, but I think that was it. Anyone want to research this?

  5. They should rename that show "American Pie Live."



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