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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Here is an interesting comment that frames some of the sexual issues in the last video in the larger context of our society:

Goosey says:

June 13th, 2007 at 12:30 pm


Hey guys.. I’ve been here since the beginning but this is the first time I’ve gotten the comments to work.

I felt the need to comment on this video for a couple reasons.

1. I represent the smaller portion of the population that believes there are not just one (F.U.N.) but FOUR benefits to sex:

1. Recreation (its a good time. Its sure inspired a lot of music and art.)
2. Pro-creation. (our bodies were designed to make babies.. so why are people so surprised when they have sex and get pregnant?)
3. Emotional bonding (sex is pretty much the most intimate act one can have with another person… except that the recent trend is to make it an impersonal, anonymous act. Which I don’t understand at all.)
4. And the fourth a lot of you won’t understand, so maybe I’ll explain that another day. :^) But its the most exciting part!

I know this video isn’t the Creators pushing the idea of physical intimacy for kicks. They’ve shown too much integrity in the series to be that careless. Even though I’m not a fan of the Sarah character personally, she represents a portion of society that exists and I think the Creators have done a good thing in bringing her about and showing the root of her behavior.

My hope is that they never have Daniel give in - he’s weak, but I honestly don’t think he’s -that- charmed by Sarah.
As for Jonas and Bree… I don’t think they did. Seems highly unlikely and out of character for them both, even with Bree being a little un-Bree. Jonas has every right to experience a little emotional breakdown - thats a totally realistic write-in on the part of the Creators. Despite your annoyance, viewers.. don’t care what you say, you’d be acting the same way.

Alright, before I insult anyone too horribly, I’m off.


Note: Sociobiologists have speculated that all four reasons are connected by a need for humans being to form pair bonds which will last long enough to rasie human offspring. The time taken to raise a human being to the point where it is self sufficient is long compared to other species.

Where do you stand on the sex debate. Did they? Didn't they? Should they? Leave a comment below and let us know!

1 comment:

  1. SO... we can have underage drinking, guns, drug use even kidnapping BUT if anyone has sex there is an huge outcry? I'm with Goosey on this one!


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