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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Is Taylor really your friend? - oeb62

The Hymn of One was sloppy some time back and left their back door open. Some say that they got the better of the little hacker and stole her videos. But, she never posted this video. And if they are such effective hackers, why did they leave their files so easily seen?

Also, how is a girl like Taylor have access to medical records, cell phone triangulation and the like? She doesn't. But if she's acting for the HoO, it makes sense. Perhaps the HoO deicded not to post this video because it wasn't necesarry once they gained the trust of Bree, Daniel and Jonas?

And, how convenient that one Bree leaves, Sarah arrives to keep tabs on the boys?

Note: milowent said...

"a link to the missing taylor video that was never posted -- someone took it and posted it on youtube, its been around over a month but deals with the storyline that was abandoned.

Note: All official Taylor line videos can be found here: http://youtube.com/profile?user=soccerstar4ever. The video above was not posted under the screen name "soccerstar4ever".
Note: sources say that "someone"stumbled" on the list of videos off of the hymn of one web site" and this is when the video was first "discovered". Most of the discussions of the video have been removed from LG15.com

Abandoned story line? Missing videos? Hymn of One web site? Discussions removed? Oh Dear! Can someone tell us what is going on here? Leave a comment below!


  1. I remember watching that a while back but I did not notice it was not on the offical list. Weird much!

  2. This is just speculation on my part, but maybe the friend "Sam" was the new girl actress who dropped out at the last minute?

  3. I watched this a while back too. I am pretty sure that Sam was originally going to be the "bait" (ie the other girl) Hence why Taylor would know her and get the Scoobies down there, I reckon the creators at the last minute had to invent Jules who also played soccer when "Sam" dropped out.

    I shall do some research...

  4. QtheC is right on target, its the only logical explanation which has been floated. The Creators have not denied it. I think Julie then got pressed into service in a bigger role than originally intended. A number of the videos from this timeframe (The New Girl) appear a bit jumbled due to changes in the plot.

    we had a thread about the video leak when it happened at Anchor Cove here:

  5. did that link work? here it is again:


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