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Saturday, June 16, 2007

sfs = "so freaking skilled"

sfs = "so freaking skilled" came into being when Kelseygirl15 posted "sfs" on comment 436 on the "Going Home video". There was a race for the 436 in this video because Joe already had "First" and wanted to see what happened if he also got "436". However some fans feared that such an action would lead to a rip in the space/time continuum.

436 on LGpedia


  1. This should be added to the breeniversisms page ;)

    Note: I have accomplished the first & 436 on the same video at least once in the past... o.O

  2. I added it to the talk page on Breeniverism. If it "sticks" then it def should be added.

  3. What? How can you possibly write about what kelsey wrote on comment 436, when in fact it does not exist?

  4. oh, a rip in time and space connecting Germany and the US maybe? That would be great!


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