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Saturday, June 16, 2007

OoD: Gemma Lives - acrowleyorder

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For their introduction to this video.


In the beginning
There was only Heaven from where G_D ruled
He grew tired of perfection and created nature
A mortal universe sprang forth from nothingness
In time animals evolved from the chaos of nature
From nature and chaos the angels learned of sin
The most beautiful sat at the right hand of G_D
His sin was jealousy of the perfection of G_D
G_D was complete, both male and female
The Archangel Lucifer was incomplete
He took a wife and she was called Lilith
Together they populated the Heavens
A line of immortal angels was born of their union
They embraced the sin of their father
In a time before man, Lucifer rebelled against G_D
His children and their children joined their father
In Heaven there was War without Death
G_D held his crown and created Hades
Lucifer, Lilith, and their children fell
He ruled in Hell rather than serve in Heaven
Lilith and her children entered the pit
G_D walked upon the Earth and planted the seed of man
The first true man was called Adam
Adam was alone until G_D saw that he needed a woman
From Hell G_D summoned the Angel Lilith
He gave her to Adam and together they gave birth
This was the first Ceremony of Love
Their children were strong and mated
The Earth welcomed their mortal children
They were the first Demigods
Adam was still unhappy
His wife and children were stronger than Adam
G_D saw that this was not good and return Lilith to Hell
G_D then created Eve from the life of the Earth
G_D blessed them and their children with great fertility
The children of Adam and Eve mated with each other
They also mated with the children of Adam and Lilith
One pure line of blood maintained through time
A line of humanity which shared the Divine
The true children of Lilith repeated the Ceremony
Today the line remains clean of the blood of Eve
From this line our Leader was born of the Ceremony
In time her Mother died and her father vanished
Long live our leader, the living Venus
Her name is Erica and from Providence she rules
In peace with life she oversees the selection of the purest of blood
That pair will mate
From their blood a new leader will one day rule
Long live Erica and long live the unborn child
The child of the Ceremony
From her cousins a child will be born
The line will continue
A new messiah for a new age



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