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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Today on LG15

Sarah: Hear that? That's my munching performance video. (Sped up segment of Sarah eating more cereal) I'm just kidding. This is not my munching performance video.
That's next week.

What exactly does Sarah mean by "munching"..

Sarah: This is my... love video. (She bats her eyelashes and rolls her eyes.) Love... love... love... please. Get over it, Jonas. Sometimes sex is... it's just sex. I have sex all the time, lots of different places. Lots of... fun different places. (Cut to Sarah by the kitchen counter. She slams her hand down on it.) Kitchen counter: (brushing off chip crumbs) no chips. Done it and fun. (Cut to Sarah slamming her hand down on a table.) Dining room table: done it, and fun. (Cut to Sarah sitting on top of the washing machine.) This is another fun place. Guess where I am. (She jumps off and smacks the machine with her hand.) Done the fun here too. Umm... and not with anyone else. (She winks. Cut to Sarah standing in the bathroom with the shower running.) Shower: done it, and always fun. (She draws back the shower curtain.) Got it? It's for fun. F... U... N.

Wow! Sarah has been busy, I wonder if her washing machine at home is dented?

Sarah: There's even some random study that says that animals do it for fun. The point is fun, not love. Here's the thing. The minute you attach a bunch of lame love feelings to sex, you really ruin all the fun. Worst case scenario: love leads to marriage, marriage is boring and totally bad for your health. Don't believe me? Ask my mom. Two other things can happen when you fall in love, and both suck. Either get your heart broken, or you can break someone else's heart. See? Both suck. Also, this puppy dog crap? It's not helping us find Bree. I mean, you're just, you're so busy being all hurt that you're not of any use to us out there. We need you to think. We can't let the big, scary Order get Bree. So remember, (cut to Sarah at the table) whales, (washing machine) sheep, (shower) walruses, (table) giraffes, (washing machine) dolphins, it's for fun, Jonas. F... U... N.

You get the feeling Sarah has pretty low self esteem deep down don't you? (This is the first time a character has openly talked about sex on LG15, what I would point out to those fans who say its unsuitable for younger viewers to watch is what part of this vlog series with underage drinking, guns, kidnapping and drug use IS suitable for kids? This has never been a kids show.)

Will Jonas snap out of it? Will Daniel ask Sarah to help with the laundry?

Stay tuned..


  1. She does know how to use those eyes.

  2. people who talk about/hint at sex as much as Sarah does aren't having any.


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