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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Update from Daniel

Daniel posted an update in the lounge (character forum)

"Hey everyone, I'm here to give you an update. I know I haven't been around much this week... I guess I didn't really feel like talking. I was excited and relieved that we were able to rescue Bree and the disappointment of her mental status was really hard to take. I couldn't figure out why she wouldn't talk to me, her best friend, or smile and laugh with me. It really hurt. So I sorta backed off... I thought I was helping. I mean I didn't want to smother her or anything and she was responding to Jonas... so I just let him take care of her.

After she left I blamed him. I didn't lash out like he did in that email. I learned growing up to internalize my pain and just move forward. But it's hard to still be friends when you're holding onto that... and holding it against that person. Wow I sound like Dr. Phil lol. With no one talking we didn't really get anywhere. We spent the week searching the woods. Mostly Jonas went out by himself and Sarah and I looked together. I guess I was right about that power bar trail... too bad it never led us to Bree.

After Bree's video last night we had a team meeting. Jonas even got Taylor on the phone and apologized. We all took the blame for things we've said or done... now the focus is on finding Bree.

We went out with flashlights and searched for a few hours. Pretty difficult in the mountains up here... it's really easy to get lost. So we got up early this morning and looked some more. Now we're back at the cabin looking online at maps of the area... we're all focused on finding Bree before they do. I hope she's alright."

So was Jonas's email just that? A rant? Was there really no hidden message in it? Will they find Bree before HoO?

Stay tuned...


  1. Bah! I was so hoping Jonas's email was some sort of message! Grrr...
    Something interesting needs to happen soon.

  2. First let me just say I love the term Lounge. It works much better for a character interaction area.

    Second when hurt feelings are internalized they do not just go away. They fester and turn to anger. The only way to get rid of the hurt is to return to the point where your feelings were hurt and process what happened openly and express your feelings openly.

    Groups such as Scientology and modern psychotherpy exploit this. Hey, Daniel. I knonw a group call Hymn of One that could probably help you with this!

  3. whoa im so so glad LG15today is here to help the newbies! i never would have know about this update from daniel i mean the forums are just kinda........ confuddling! thank you!! :)

  4. For 'anonymous'

    How to waste a lot of time:
    The in-character forums dedicated to a character feature a splendid "sticky" shortcut to that character's comments.

    I check this much more than I should.
    - anonymous 2


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