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Friday, August 3, 2007

2 characters being cast for LG15

::::::SPOILER ALERT::::::
This article contains details of possible future LG15 characters that some viewers might prefer not to know in advance. Only read this article if you are comfortable knowing such details.

From Jena:

2 characters being cast for LG15.

My friend Jelly found it a few days ago. I believe it was at first a listing looking only for "Virginia", and then they added "Scott", and if they would be recurring or contract roles. I figured now that the 12in12 is finished, we need something less depressing to think about!


"Lonelygirl15 is an interactive web-series about an evil secret society and a group of teens fighting against it. Casting in Los Angeles, August 2. Recurring Role. Must be Legal 18. Please submit headshot and resume via email.

VIRGINIA - Contract Role / FEMALE / 15 TO 18
[VIRGINIA], 16 years old, she's the pretty girl next door. She has an innocent appearance, but looking into her big eyes you see a girl who has lived more than just 16 short years. Her small frame and quiet demeanor make her seem vulnerable, yet VIRGINIA has a toughness and street smarts that has come with a hard life. Despite her rough past, VIRGINIA is charismatic and charming.

SCOTT - Recurring / MALE / 19 TO 24
[SCOTT], 19-24, is an attractive and athletic all-American guy. He entered the military to see the world, but got more than he bargained for. SCOTT is strong-minded, a gentleman, and believes in love at first sight. "


  1. Holy crap! Why in the world did they post the name of the series! ahah!

  2. I just sold my car on craigslist. :D

  3. Nieriel.ManwathielAugust 3, 2007 at 10:56 PM

    I wonder if the LG team wants to make their own Tachyon team. I guess some bitter guys who lost their love/bff would make for a properly hard-ass hard core team.

    :rereads post:

    Oh dear. *Oppy pun intended!*

    :runs from homophobe jokes, plugging her ears and singing

    I like them having a street-tough girl instead of a blissfully ignorant dupe.

  4. Scott kind of sounds like the new Jonas. Hope they arent planning on writing him out too.

  5. Jonas is a ruined, empty shell. Everyone he has ever loved has died or left him for The Order.

    I wouldn't be surprised if he starts walking and just never stops.

    Not particularly exciting, the victim/hero.


  6. Although, I DO hope they keep them around as the veteran victims who lost what they were fighting to keep. Otherwise all future plots will just be reruns of the original, with the characters running away from The Order in ignorant fear.



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