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Friday, August 3, 2007

Web show 'LonelyGirl15' ends first season with...

"This was a character who was meant to do the ceremony," said Miles Beckett, one of the show's three writer-producers. "It's going to give the show a lot more space to breathe."


You need to register to read the article but its free. However make sure you watch the entire finale before readin it!

You can read it here without registration: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/n/a/2007/08/03/entertainment/e190502D27.DTL&type=printabl

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  1. However make sure you watch the entire finale before readin it!

    but... but... the spoiler's right in the title of this blog entry??

    (don't worry, i already knew though)

  2. Yea, you happened to read a first draft before I took it out:) But its gone now.

  3. Version without registration: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/n/a/2007/08/03/entertainment/e190502D27.DTL&type=printable

  4. I just read this... and *SPOILER* it seems to me that they killed off Bree because the creators were sick of Jessica being busy all the time... which I guess makes sense... idk?

  5. jessica had better paying gigs and an agent. it was inevitable.

  6. I wish Jess the best of luck, but Bree was meant to do the ceremony? Thats bull to me.

  7. Well it makes sense, Randehmann. All along we've wondered what the hell the ceremony is, and whether or not it's worth running from The Order and risking your life not to do it.

    Now we know that NOT risking your life not to do it means you WILL lose your life in doing The Ceremony.

    So now we have a tangible purpose in resisting The Order. The problem our favorite TAAG had was in the Not Knowing. Now that they know, they will be the catalyst and the real life example the other girls will need to know they aren't just running away from The Ceremony based on ignorant fear, but because of a very real threat in losing their lives.


  8. The article also says

    "Rose hasn't totally abandoned the Web. She is developing a new Web comedy that should launch online later this year. And she has signed on to a TV project entitled 'E-lebrity,' along with fellow online stars Taryn Southern and Stevie Ryan."

    I think Jessica Rose fans would be interested to know more details about those projects.

  9. The point of it to me was it was SUPPOSED to be cheesy! They were SUPPOSED to rescue Bree! That would have been the best to me!


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