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Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Finale - xmarlasingerx

Arche/Trav - video upload - In an attempt to assist the TAAG and Nikki Bower in reaching Bree before the Ceremony, Marla and Trav go to the Santa Monica statue, to offer assistance. Daniel seemed to have everything under control, so we kept our distance. Ultimately, the mission failed, and as we know, Bree met an untimely death at the hands of the Order. We will miss you Bree!


  1. It would be nice if one day we could reach a point where fans could interact directly in the plot.

    The seminar and 12in12 were interesting first starts.

    Full interactivity would however require multiple plot paths and this would be extremely complex to produce in real time.

    Still it was really a lot of fun having Marla and Trav head over there and report directly from the scene.

    Way to go Team IRC.

  2. Disorganisation led to us NOT interacting. I'll explain more later.


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