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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Clara says... (in IRC chat)

10:35 amblyopianne cops everday

10:37 amblyopianne beeps blkkep

10:38 amblyopianne her she comes to sav teh day . .

10:38 amblyopianne acid youre rap stinfs

10:39 amblyopianne stikny rapp readi ngwords

10:40 amblyopianne nope brit you?

10:41 amblyopianne Jenni Po boo hooooooooooooooooooos!

10:41 amblyopianne work.... sllllllleep

10:41 amblyopianne Tivo!!

10:42 amblyopianne passwords

10:42 amblyopianne meh

10:43 * amblyopianne eats celery!!!!!!!!12 celery

10:43 amblyopianne stuck in my busyness

10:43 amblyopianne ma teefh

10:44 amblyopianne borin. bye elllyn

Full log of chat.


  1. what the.... was she drunk or something??


  2. You have to draw your own conclusion based on what she said:)


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