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Saturday, August 4, 2007

In memory of Bree

Posted by Brooklynxman
From robbing the jewelry store to sneaking out, from the motel to warwalking, jonas house and your father and daniel being taken, from tachyons badass training camp to Las Vegas, frem the bunker to Zavalla and beyond.

You will be missed sorely, grieved over, and remembered always.

But your death will not be in vain. I can promise you we will all protect those girls, every single one of us will protect every single one of them.


  1. Nice vid.

    The waves were a bit loud, but Iuv how you shot it.

  2. Nice idea, but I can't hear anything you're saying because of the waves.

  3. Great video, Brooklyn! Except, I would have liked to (a) seen your face and (b) heard a single word you said!

  4. I have a crush on Brooklynxman.. Is that stupid?

  5. Brook, nice beach but, like the others said here before, I can't hear you!!

  6. In order:
    mm Awesome thanks, anonymous h and bianca thanks thanks thanks and sorry about the waves being too loud.

    anonymous 2 not at all it is not stupid.

  7. btw anonymous I am quite flattered, but cant say whether or not I feel the same cause I dont know who you are lol


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