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Monday, August 6, 2007

☺ LG15 Today Blog Continues Not to Change Much

Let's face it. Change can be painful. But even when spin-offs pop up in remote and curious foreign countries where they drive on the wrong side of the road, websites get beautiful and blinding facelifts with cookie-login-phobia, main characters bite the dust, videos come in bunches and on entirely new website channels ... even in the midst of all this chaos, one thing remains comfortable and familiar - ye old LG15 Today blogspot.

Why don't we take this old blog out to the curb and tape a big "take me, free" sign on it, and replace it with something newer and shinier and more Web 2.0 (like Ning, or some other next-generation social networking site)? Why? Well, like an old comfy arm chair, as long as a little occasional duct-tape can keep the springs from doing permanent harm where we sit, we are just too damn lazy. And we kind of like it, fleas, ugly plaid fabric, homey smell and all. Plus, we have a pet fish now, Lonelyfish Tachyfin, and we have grown rather attached.

So throw a clean towel over it if you must, and then sit back, relax, tilt back (you might have to lean to the left and jiggle the handle to get the footrest to pop up), and know that one thing, at least, won't be changing much any time soon.


  1. The reality is that blogger is now built on a web 2.0 platform and that is what allows for the amazing on the fly editing (addition of links, drag and drop templates etc etc.). Google has done an amazing job with the platform and it runs pretty well unlike some other web 2.0 sites.

    However, almost all web 2.0 sites offer some clear benefit over older technologies. What I fail to see in the new LG15 (at least yet) is any advantage of the new site and certainly nothing worth the drastic reduction in performance the site has suffered.

    I know we have a few techies following LG so I would be very curious if they know why they LG site now performs so very poorly.

    That said, it was a very funny article:)

  2. Thanks again for all your hard work on this. This comfy chair really is home for this community; even more so now.

  3. This is exactly why I'm still here even though I'm not watching LG15 Season 2. This place has a home-feel to it which I wouldn't want to miss. Plus, I feed Tachyfin every day. :)

  4. Well, this is great. I like this blog.

    (one thing I would do though is clean up the damn right hand side bar. god its frustrating to navigate!)

  5. I love this site, please never change!! And killthesmiley is right about the right hand bar, it needs some cleaning up!

  6. You say clean it up but you dont say what you would suggest. All the key links are at the top in order of current relevance. Then youtube, myspace, etc links are grouped below.

    I know a lot of the LG links are still broken because of the work LG did on their site.

    Finally the blog is always a work in progress. Things change as needed but if you dont explain clearly what you are thinking it hard to consider an idea.

    Currently the top priority is to fix the broken links. Especially the ones to LGpedia.

  7. I was thinking of possibly adding some colors or graphics to divide things into sections, and maybe look for away to put some of the long lists of similar things (like YouTube, Revver, MySpace links) into drop down menus. Maybe small icons could help to find important things more easily in some cases... break up the sameness.

    I think the little graphical items we have now help some if you can remember, for instance, that the thing you are looking for is below the fish.

    One issue is that the "linked lists" is a widget on blogger, making it very easy to add, delete, or edit links ... but if we try to add some different functinality (like drop-down menus), we could probably make it work, but would lose the easy editing features behind the scenes (editing raw HTML instead probably)... so no promises.

    Maybe I will focus on such "devices" to help, and modelmotion can improve or rearrange the contents if there are ways to improve there.

  8. Don't change a god damn thing.

    As for the LG15 sites up/down behavior. I think Miles posted a comment about a DoS (Denial of Service) attack on Friday. It could be that they have not fully eliminated the problem.

  9. Dream,
    I feed Tachyfin everyday also. I hope we're not over feeding him.

  10. I added some homemade colorful bullets - just as an experiment...
    lg15 today pages (blue bullets), code breaking (red bullets), and music (green bullets).

    It's easy to add an image that will be the same for all items in a particular link list, but it would not be easy to put bullets on particular items within each link list.

    Something like this could be a visual aid to help find things as you scroll up/down.

  11. Thanks for maintaining this! I've only dropped by a few times, but every time I have it's been well worth it. After last Friday, when this was THE place, I think I may become a bit more of a regular now.

    Agreed with all those above: extra "chrome" isn't worth sacrificing basic performance. Who cares if your car has a 10,000 watt stereo if it always ejects CDs after 30 seconds?


  12. You can start by removing the news feed from "The Onion"


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