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Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Prisoner - Charlie (KateModern)

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  1. Gavin? what?

    Also, I think the HoO is messing with the wrong crew this time round.

  2. OMG!!! I am loving KateModern more and more each day. Way better than lg15. Kate is a much better hostage taker than Bree! What's Gav hiding? Hmm...

  3. Aww, but I like Gavin.. =[

  4. I like Gavin too. :-(

    I just love this, though! So exciting! And almost every time I log on I get a new video.

    So much for Charlie being HoO, huh?

  5. KateModern is suprising me more and more everytime I log on! There is so many videos I can hardly keep up (and neither can lgpedia, apparently)! I love this so much, I just wish LG15 would speed up :[

  6. oooh Gav...where did you get your loan for the office set-up from?

  7. lol, i seriously blurted out "excuse me?" at the ending.

  8. Hahah, at the end, I just sat here with my mouth open like, "Whaaaat?!"

    I really do like Gavin, but I'm glad it's not Charlie. I was all for the Gavin and Charlie thing, too. =[

    xx Amy <3

  9. i can't get into this :( i wish i could

  10. LOVING KM!!!

    Especially since NOTHING is going on with LG15: perpetual filler.

    I guess when The Creators promised "good stuff coming soon" they meant KM.

  11. Is it just me, or did Steve go into his exorcist voice at the end?

  12. I so wanted kate to break out a tazer gun or another toturous device. I'm sadistic like that though.


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