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Thursday, August 23, 2007

We Are Not Alone!

As we think about UGC and how various elements fit into UGC videos we need a way to think about the entire Universe of story elements.

Universe on LGPedia for more details.

The Venn diagram above shows the relationship between "elements" used by the Creators, and UGC creators both in the extended universe and the parallel universe.


  1. Fan vids enhance everyone's lg15 experience. I do wish there were more of them now.

  2. Well, that's what I think too.

  3. Venn diagrams. I haven't seen those in a while. I guess my teacher was right, one day I will need to use them.

  4. UGC..? What's that?

  5. Oh, I see, you mean fanfic. I'm curious to how the OpAphid currently fits in that diagram.


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