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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Re: Lonelygirl15 Season Finale: Finally Dead! - hollishillis

Now we just need the SHOW to die. If they keep calling it lg15 even AFTER shes dead....wow....they should just bury the show with bree. it sucked anyway.


  1. I miss your parody/recap videos. But you're run it sucks.

  2. ooook, First of all, Who's this chick? Retarded. I get it, she like alot of people, was upset with the ending. But she said she thought the series was stupid yet she "had" to know what happened? Right. Second, who's she to call anyone slutty? And Daniel and Jonas don't look alike. Third, She doesn't want anyone to go back and comment on the boards because the less hits they get, the less popular it'll be. But she's saying how bad it is on youtube, so if someone comes across her page and doesn't know about lg15, they're gonna be like "hmm, What is she bashing? Whats lonelygirl15?" And right ahead, they click on over. I was highly irritated by her over all demeanor. I'd like to see -her- try to make an internet Series and see how good she does, let alone let it be anything as popular as this has.

    Ok, I'm done.

  3. Actually, anon, she has made videos before. She made parody recaps as "valleygirl15." They were quite funny.

  4. meh, saw her screencap, saw the title. Didn't care to click on her. Maybe she can go somewhere else now?

    Seriously, just don't care what she has to say. But she probably cares too much.

    Back to lg (blogspot and 15) :)

  5. The valleygirl15 videos are really funny. Check them out, they are brilliant:)

  6. Funny parodies or no, the girls still an ass.


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