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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Spam anyone?

This video is not directly LG15 related but it deals with the issue of YouTube spam which is an issue that affects us all. Like she says, as a community we need to communicate:

Last Blog Ever - LisaNova
Sorry this video is so long. I know most people are sick of all this drama, as am I. This will be my last video regarding this subject, just thought it was important to clear up a few things from my perspective so we can move on to other thin


  1. Just contact the ORDER.....they seem to be able to fix anything.......just check your ribozyme levels before you do, Lisa:)

  2. I absolutely LOVE Lisa and I just got done watching this video on YouTube. I'm glad you are addressing the problem here too modelmotion. You are awesome :)

  3. Does anyone else feel like she did this to get more subscribers? I think she did and that is wrong.

  4. Lisa Nova is the queen of shameless self-promotion and low minded comedy. I don't buy her story about trying to bring light to the issue of spam by posting spam to promote her channel... right.

  5. Who is that? Is she the ARG with the STD?

  6. Ehh, I'm not really falling for this. Especially after the way she attacked communitychannel character.

  7. I say, good for her for defending herself. If you've seen the "LisaNova Does YouTube," you'd understand how clever it is.

    Besides, she didn't violate the ToS--she posted all those comments individually.

    On top of that, the attack on her was quite rude.

  8. I watched the "LisaNova Does YouTube" video. Was it a gathering of friends from YouTube making a fun video just for laughs? Or was it a gathering of YouTubers with the most recognizable/subscribed channels appearing together in mutual promotion, all orchestrated by the Queen. And before that, she only started the "fight" with DaxFlame because he was growing in popularity - so it was a way to get subscribers from his channel to check out and subscribe to her channel.

    1. Her story about starting a discussion about spam is not credible. Nothing in the notes she posted or the "pay off" video had anything to do with spam. She used spam, she did not discuss it, or bring it up as a topic

    2. She stressed in this video that it was a "one time event" ... that seems to imply a short duration, but she was sending a HUGE number of spam messages to YouTube channels (10's of thousands? 100's of thousands? more?) over a period of weeks, not just a single day or two. And she persisted in posting these spam messages even after receiving a multitude of complaints. I received one of her messages on my channel (which has has under a 1000 views total in over a year). The only reason I can think of is that I subscribe to the lonelygirl15 channels and she (or someone working for her) was going through the entire list.

    If you enjoy LisaNova videos, by all mean watch, but I simply don't believe what she says in this video about why she did what she did. That doesn't mean I endorse whatever hateful attacks might be going on, but her interest in posting this deluge of spam were merchantile, not personal or recreational.


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