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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

What if? - meepersanon

Who could replace the beloved creators?


  1. You didn't see the final because you were working?? Meepers, you are infected with the real life virus!! I would see a doctor if I were you ;)

  2. A real life doctor bianca?

    Or does lonelygirl15 provide healthcare now?

  3. lg15.com is down AGAIN. Seriously, this is getting ridiculous.

    Good Video Meepers. I personally like the Buffy idea. It'd be a lot more exciting to watch Bree kicking ass Tachyon/Buffy style rather than just willingly going to her death.

    Speaking of Tachyon. Where was she when we needed her?

    Ok, I'm starting to ramble. time to stop now.

  4. LG15 has an excellent doctors unit, you saw it when Bree did her blood transfusion. Lucy will be waiting for you ;)

  5. zombree!! yes, please!! hah

  6. What about Shakespeare?

    Daniel: Sarah, get thee to a nunnery.

  7. Shakespeare would be the same as Paul Scheuring (Prison Break)... almost every character would die by the final act, except the fool who would sum things up nicely at the end.

  8. Nice script Meepers... funny as usual... but I am worried that you are spending too much on this "life" addiction if you don't even have time to appear live in your videos, but instead just use titles.


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