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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Battle of the Network Cyberstars

Quarterlife aims to be a themed social network to keep its fan base engaged and close.

"From Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick, creators of "My So-Called Life," quarterlife is the first Internet series that could just as easily be a film or a television show - it's smart, funny, emotional...real."

"quarterlife.com is a social networking site for creative people. Whatever your interest - photography, writing, music, filmmaking, dance, design - quarterlife.com will help you go to the next level."

MySpace launches Web TV show - Quarterlife
"Jeff Berman, the general manager of MySpaceTV, said that the show was a “landmark moment” for MySpace, and that it would be “the highest-quality serialized content ever to appear on the Internet. "

TV Veterans Produce Web-Only Show
"Each episode will be about 8 minutes long with two episodes debuting each week."


  1. "the first Internet series that could just as easily be a film or a television show - it's smart, funny, emotional...real."

    Huh, what about, oh I don't know, LG15 and KateModern?
    That's one bold statement their making.

    I hope their show does well, I just hope they don't forget the web series and creators that paved the way for them.

    -Patrick (http://www.bebo.com/aliensisaliens)

    PS:Here's an interesting connection, one of their cast members, Scott Michael Foster, plays a character on the show Greek, a show which also stars..Jessica Lee Rose.

  2. Virginia Heffernan (NY times) has a review of the Quarterlife trailer/premise up:


    she's not too impressed so far.


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