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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Happy Robot Bday ModelMotion!

Most of us simple humans have the joy of getting one day a year to call our birthday, but most robots have to go without them.

In light of all the hard work and dedication ModelMotion has shown to the LG15 community, we decided to give back to him and honor today as his Robot Birthday!

Please leave a comment below telling the best robot around thanks for all the hard work and to have a happy Bday!


  1. HAPPY ROBOT BIRTHDAY ModelMotion!!!

    Thanks for everything, I swear I would not know/understand half of the stuff I do about the breeniverse if it wasn't for you and all the lg15 today contributors!!

    Thanks heaps xx

  2. Happy Robot Bday MM!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday MM!!

  4. Happy Birthday MM!

    I honestly didn't know you were a robot; we all love you like you're human. Keep oil on those gears because we'd be lost without you!


  5. Happy birthday, modelmotion! You rock. Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication!
    Kelly ~/`~

  6. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Robot Birthday! I'm with anonymous up there, you're a wealth of knowledge! Thank you!

  7. Happy Birthday MM!!! Woo hoo for robots with a big heart and fast typing! :)

  8. beep ba-beep beep beep beep
    beep ba-beep beep beep beep
    beep ba-beep beep modelmotion ...
    beep baaa-beeeep beeeep beeep beep.

    (robot happy birthday song)

  9. Thanks everyone!!!!!

    The vid was really really really great.

  10. http://img44.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=70957_mm_122_1194lo.JPG

    Happy Anniversary of Assembly!


  11. Happy Birthday MM! You're great, keep up the good work!!

  12. Happy Birthday MM.

    May you see 436 more.

  13. If robots were to become vicious and start taking over the world, I hope you are their leader!

    Happy Bot Day MM!

  14. Happy "B" day! Srsly, so many of us wouldn't be here if it weren't for your dedication. Best wishes for a great day!- stevemedigod

  15. MM, you are awesome. We're not 'worthy!'

    -Kilroy was here.

  16. much thanks to mm for all he does!


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