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Monday, September 24, 2007

Clara was back in MADDISON chat Sat evening.

Original article, Saturday Sept 22:

Clara was back in Maddison chat this evening.

If she wants help she can write her own story on what happened.

EDIT by QtheC: (since there seemed to be some interest, and Clara has not provided a summary of her own yet...)

I believe this is the first time anyone has heard from Clara (at least in chat) in several weeks.

I happened to be in chat for some of it, but had to leave before the end. I didn't log it, but assumed someone would.

There was some discussion introduced by some users about Dr. T (aka ihavebeenimpure), tuesdayschild, and their nephew Lorne and people requesting Clara's opinion about them, but nothing conclusive there. (OOG, there has been debate about this tuesdayschild ARG as to whether it is gamejacking, but interesting, etc., and a new chat room set up #raplowly)

I typed Mr. T instead of Dr. T by mistake, and made a joke relating Mr. T's haircut to greggallow's and saying "I pity the fool that lives in Nacogdoches." ... but I digress... ;)

Several in #maddison chat were asking Clara questions, trying to push forward on past mysteries (such as questions raised by Dr. T and others) and I know that a video by Zoey (I think)(Edited by GG: It was Ziola Mistress of the crayons idea ) was pointed out to her that asked her to provide contact info for people in Nacogdoches for folks here to start using to investigate - she was not enthusiastic about that idea (sharing other's private info to relative strangers on the internet).

Early on, there was mention of some Adam Lamar editorial in the PineLog, and Clara saying the paper wasn't very good ... not sure of the details about that, but something others could check out perhaps.

Clara talked about continuing to have nightmares, and seemed upset, even cursing at modelmotion (when politely asked whether she still planned to graduate), saying people in chat were either joking around or didn't really care about her, but only "their precious Maddison" ... but also saying perhaps a few people really cared about her. She said Frady was dead, end of story, etc. To this, someone brought up the theft of video tapes from Clara's trunk, saying it could not have been Frady (I'm not sure myself whether it could have been or not - something to check in the timeline of events.)

But it seemed clear that Clara came to the chat room for a reason, even if she was not forthcoming or able to express it directly.

This all resulted in the usual offers to help, some frustration by players over how to engage with the story to move it forward to get some answers, and with some rude joking from one or two sprinkled in. There was also some random stuff like ApotheosisAZ asking Clara what her favorite drink was, and Clara answering Dr. Pepper, saying later she was from Hewitt TX (near Waco), home of the Dr. Pepper Historical Museum (not important, just a detail I happened to remember).

Again, I had to leave the chat before it ended, so if anything interesting happened late in chat, please post a comment.


  1. so does this mean clara's story is done?

  2. No, but she does seem to want to be left alone.

  3. Can someone elaborate on what was said? It is becoming increasingly hard, *frustrating*, to follow these developments. Much of what is happening is occuring in chat or between two boards, I feel completely out of the loop as I am sure many who are trying to follow this story are.

    Thanks in advance,

  4. I agree with the one above me. Clearly, Clara isn't writing about the chat. So can someone who was in chat with her, write something about it? I would love to know what she said.

  5. Thank you so much, QtheC. This summary is helpful. I do hope more come forward who were there to possibly let us know what happened after you left, but this does give a bit of insight. Very much appreciated.


  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. I think we've officially been split in half.
    Half of you want to find out what happened to Maddison, while half of us are trying to help Linc and Rachel by cracking OpAPHID's profile.
    Thinking about it, think of the H in OpAPHID. I think the profile is trying to distract us from finding out what happened to Maddison and why. Solving OpAPHID's profile is NOT going to magically make Linc and Rachel safe and sound. The only people that can save Linc and Rachel right now is Tachyon.
    We need to focus on this. I think Clara knows too much and she's in the crosshairs of the same people that orchestrated Maddison's death. If we share Clara's burden of knowledge there's no reason to harm her.

  8. Well, I was there for some of Clara's chat, and here is my take on it.

    Clara is a person, but she is not treated as one when she comes into the chat. She pointed this out.

    Ziola's idea that we get contact info was rejected; as an alternative, I suggested that Clara invite those people to participate in the chat as an alternative.

    Finally, I got the sense that Clara is feeling that we are more interested in Maddison than anything else, including Clara's own well-being.

  9. Y.F.C makes a good point why would solving the opaphid puzzle help us in any way find linc and rachel, its not as if cassieiswatching could of predicted this coming in maddisonattkins, so it has to be unlinked....i think

  10. Thanks for the correction, Greg - it was Ziola's video, not Zoey's.

  11. ah I see, she removed the video from her youtube. Sorry for the misunderstanding

  12. "Clara is a person, but she is not treated as one when she comes into the chat. She pointed this out."

    Apo, I wish I had read this earlier. I completely share that appreciation. Might I just add, even though she points it out, it's not getting through to many who keep complaining that she's not doing what they want her to do.

  13. "Might I just add, even though she points it out, it's not getting through to many who keep complaining that she's not doing what they want her to do."

    if your first attempt doesn't work, try something new, right?

  14. All I want is for her to tell me who her favorite NFL team is so I can line them up next year as my fantasy defense.

    Seriously, we need a support group for Clara right now.

    Instead, she's being offered an interrogation. Everyone is lucky she touches base to let us know she is OK at this point.

  15. You all have very good points, I haven't really stopped to look at it from Claras point of view. Kind of makes it easier to understand why she has been so withdrawn lately.


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