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Monday, September 24, 2007

What has become of Taylor portrayed by Becki Kregoski?

This isn't an actual article, because I don't really know the story.

As far as I know, (and correct me if I am wrong), the last time we have seen Taylor was in the video Sister to Sister posted Sept 7th on this blog.

I've checked Taylor's YouTube account, soccerstar4ever, and don't see anything new there, although the latest LaResizto video is featured on the channel.

Now, I thought I saw a comment somewhere saying that the actress playing Taylor (here on LGPedia), Becki_Kregoski (here on LGPedia), had quit Lonelygirl15. Does anyone have more information about this rumor?

I don't see anything on LGPedia about a departure on the character or actress pages. And I don't immediately see anything about it on the Lonelygirl15 forums, or here on LG15 Today blog by searching for Taylor: http://lg15today.blogspot.com/search?q=Taylor. There's nothing on the myspace links for the character or actress either (links found on right side of this blog), although the actress myspace is marked private so I could not see much there, and has a most recent login date of today.

If there are some privacy issues involved, we should be sensitive to that, but I think fans would be interested in at least knowing from a story point of view whether Taylor will continue to appear in the series. And if this is just an unfounded rumor, let's clear that up!


  1. They are on contract aren't they? Maybe check some dates and see if it looks like her contract was up. I've been curious about this too.

  2. I doubt she quit. But they have let her part of the storyline die and the creators seem to have made it the Jonas show anyway. I'm guessing when so much of the audience left, most of the Taylor fans went too? Too bad, she's a good, solid actress. And Taylor was so incredible in the 12 in 12 (except for the last two videos which seemed to jump the Taylor shark)

  3. Becki and I keep in touch via myspace. We haven't exchanged any messages recently but I will send one and ask her if there is any truth to that, or if it is personal private etc...


  4. The lonelygirl15 cast are INCREDIBLE when it comes to contacting fans via MySpace. Someone friend request her and then ask her.

  5. I love Taylor. If Lg doesn't want her, send her to London. Maybe she can do a school semester there and hang out with Kate and Charlie.

  6. I hope she doesn't leave! but they haven't given her cahracter anywhere to go storyline-wise

  7. they did not make it into "the jonas show"

    theres more than just him in the show.

    and right now they're focusing on the jonas/emma/larez/order/hymn babies/

    and daniel and mallory/sarah.

  8. LG15 has TOTALLY turned into the Jonas show. Every video is about him and his family, or is by others speaking directly to him.

    I thought it was just part of the beginning of season 2. But it just keeps going on and on and on...

  9. well, the character taylor is probably busy with high school. she's probably pretty much stuck in zavalla right now, but she could definitely be doing research/hacking from home.

  10. I hope Taylor makes an appearance soon. Kind of weird how Sarah is so involved now where before Taylor was all for fighting the order and Sarah didn't really care all that much...she just wanted to get away from her mom. Here's hoping Taylor will show up again soon, I really liked her character and the way her and Sarah complimented each other. All the LG15 cast are exceptional actors/actresses, losing Bree and Spencer sucked enough and I'd hate to lose anymore.

    And whats with comment #2:

    "I'm guessing when so much of the audience left, most of the Taylor fans went too?"

    When was anything ever said about LG15 losing audience? I would think the recent ad's on myspace and having top rated vids on youtube would have only brought more fans in.

  11. lestat - views appear to be down since the finale.

    and i never heard of this becki rumour, who knows.

  12. What about Spencer?? When was it confirmed that he's not coming back?

  13. Taylor was, for me, the easiest character to relate to. Becki's a great actress, and it'd truly be sad if LG15 lost her. I hope she comes back; her part in the Finale was one of my favorite LG15 moments, which have been fewer and further in-between since Bree left.

  14. Maybe we should start a SAVE TAYLOR petition?

  15. I think fan videos are more likely to get attention than petitions.

    If you want to say something about the breeniverse, make a video about it and mail the link to [email protected] , and there is a good chance it will end up on this blog. Then people can add comments about it, whether they agree, disagree, etc.

  16. Almost 3 weeks since we've heard from Taylor. Did anyone hear anything?


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