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Monday, September 24, 2007

How Could You? - Daniel (LG15)

Jonas, what are you thinking? You can't trust these people. - Daniel


  1. "Don't you ever knock?" ... *rolls eyes*

    This is why I like Sarah.

    I think the reason they're upset is because now they have to get jobs and pay the rent/bills while Jonas is gone.

  2. I love JOE!


    But, not because he likes Sarah.

  3. S.A.R.A.H.

    Where have you been?

  4. Not only are Sarah and Jonas wearing the same lipstick, but they're also wearing the same lipstick as the girl in the previous video.

    What does this mean?

    1. The creators spent all their money on tickets to UK that everyone has to share makeup.

    B. Both videos were filmed in one day and they all drank the same flavor slurpee before filming.

    C. Because the creators want me to post really stupid comments about the extremely mundane.

    IV. My monitor is screwed up and I'm just seeing things.

  5. "how could you?" - daniel posts a video by that same title 366 days ago!!! but sarah is hawtter.

  6. I'M ALIVE!
    seriously...I've caught up on everything last night and I'm completely lost on what is going on. Are we seriously thinking that this is going from a lost comparative to a heroes compairative. Way to jump on the bandwagon ;P!
    I'm proud of our little series from showing us some great production power, but I'm highly confused.

    (ps: i miss you guys all so much! You have no idea. But unfortunatley that idiot whose computer I'm on doesn't ahve java OR willn ot let me download ANYTHING...grrr. So If you all miss me that much, get my gmail from my profile and we'll chat or find modelmotion and ask MM for my MSN addy! <3 yeas!)

  7. We don't know for sure if Jonas took Emma to la Resizto. Maybe they're just..I dunno, shopping or something. Jonas didn't leave a note saying hey, I'm taking Emma to la Resizto, bye. Anyone considered this?

    And HI Killthesmiley!! Welcome back! <3


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