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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Interpreting the Music Mashup of Doom

demonicpagan Posted:
Fri Aug 31, 2007 1:38 am:

"Don't Hate Me" "Dirty Little Secret" "Crazy in Love" "It Feels Good" "We're At The Top Of The World" "Scenario" "This Is Me (Bad Boy Remix)" "Am I Ready" "She Looks At Me" "If I Could Talk, I'd Tell You" "All The Things She Said" "It's Gonna Be Me" "Here and Now" "So Help Me God" "I'm That Type Of Guy" "Work"
"$85 bucks an hour" "New Beginnings" "Hands Clean" "No Myth" "Same Song" "She's Crafty" "Buried Myself Alive" "Torn in Two" "I'm A Fool" "All 4 Love" "Whats My Age Again" "10 Year Old" "What Would You Do" "No More Questions" "Where Is My Mind" "Since You've Been Gone" "This Charming Man" "Fell In Love With A Girl" "Cool It Now" "It Takes Two" "Somebody Told Me" "Danger (Been So Long)" "All Downhill From Here" "Here's Where The Story Ends" "Cruel Summer" "Girl All the Bad Guys Want" "Game Time" "Heros and Villians" "Where'd You Go" "Prevent This Tragedy"

My interpretation:

Don't hate me, but I have a dirty little secret. I'm crazy in love and it feels good. We're at the top of the world. Here is the scenario. This is me (a bad boy). Am I ready to go through with this? She looks at me and if I could talk, I'd tell you all the things she said. It's going to be me, here and now, so help me God. I'm that type of guy.

I now work. I get paid $85 bucks an hour. I have a new beginning with clean hands. This isn't a myth.

It's the same song. She's crafty. I'm going to bury myself alive. I'm torn in two. I'm just a fool for love. What is my age again? I feel like a 10 year old. What would you do?

Enough with the questions. Where is my mind?

Since you've been gone, this charming man fell in love with a girl.

Cool it now! It takes two (to tango). Somebody told me that there is danger, yet it's been so long. Things are going downhill from here. This is where story ends. It has been a cruel summer. She's the girl all the bad guys want. It's game time. Time to play heroes and villians.

Where did you go? We need to prevent this tragedy.
Do YOU agree with this interpretation? Can you clarify what it means? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts.


  1. I mentioned it in IRC, but I've been wrapped up in a couple of thing to continue what I was doing. But I really don't think this is the way to interpret it. While this is some what logical, it seems just too easy compared to traditional Oppy/Tachy puzzles. I think there is more to it, and I have been and will continue until we get confirmation of other wise.

  2. After all the work and so many parts it does seem to simple and easy, and at the end its not really saying too much that would help tachoyon.

  3. Maybe when the numbers from the titles and songs are reversed you get a phone #? Just like the


  4. Well, we did get a video, then a phone number, then a voicemail, then some more codes, to an mp3 file, then we had to figure out 46 song titles... the last step by itself is easy, figuring out the mashup, but the stuff it took to GET to the mashup...

  5. I think too, that there must be more to this than just an approximate understanding of a vague message that does not lead to a specific place, time, or person.

    I think the titles are meant to appear as a message, of sorts, but that is probably not the "solution."


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